are you too old with gareth olivier ca connect

Yvonne chats to: Gareth Olivier CA(SA) “Should older people start their CA qualification journey?”

“Am I too old to start?” I get emails from students all the time asking me “Am I too old to start my CA(SA) qualification journey?”. I answer this question all the time, I wrote a short article on it before as well, and I thought I’d chat to someone else for their perspective, on…


pgda bridging

Yvonne chats to: CA Connect about their July 2020 PGDA Registration

Why did I chat to Milpark, CA Connect? Milpark, CA Connect offers an online, SAICA-accredited PGDA (CTA) and Bridging programme. They’re currently taking applications for their July 2020 programmes, so I chatted to them about their programme, and some advice on how any student can put themselves in the best position to pass. PGDA /…


Yvonne chats to: Vincent Motholo CA(SA) about his journey and part time studying

Why did I chat to Vincent? Vincent Motholo CA(SA), RA was a UNISA Auditing lecturer, and is now at SNG-Grant Thornton. His experience as an academic and in practice is really valuable for students. I wanted him to share his qualification journey with us and take us through some of his post-qualification career decisions. We…


Are you too old to study?

Are you too old to pursue that goal? I get this question all the time. “Am I too old to study?”; “Am I too old to get this qualification?” Here’s what I want to say to you: I chatted to Gareth from CA Connect about this I thought I’d get someone else’s input for you…


The Perfectionist Student

Perfectionism: use it? or lose it? A lot of people believe that perfectionists make the best students. They have drive, ambition and a desire to achieve. surely this would make them excellent students? Take a look at this video from my Study Coaching Programme, in which I explain why perfectionism can make studying tougher: Did…