Why did I chat to Milpark, CA Connect?

Milpark, CA Connect offers an online, SAICA-accredited PGDA (CTA) and Bridging programme.

They’re currently taking applications for their July 2020 programmes, so I chatted to them about their programme, and some advice on how any student can put themselves in the best position to pass.

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CA Connect - July 2020 Registration

I’ve had queries from so many UNISA students about what to do when they finish their degree mid-year, or have had some challenges that meant they couldn’t start their CTA in January. I also get a lot of queries from students who’ve done their undergrad at another university, or tried PGDA somewhere else, and are looking for an alternative option.

I’m really happy that students now have an option to start CTA / PGDA in July with Milpark, CA Connect.

For all those students who ask me about what their options are, I chatted to Gareth, Leon and Raun on your behalf.

Student Comments

When you’re looking to study, you always want to know what other students say. There’s some phrases / advice I want you to focus on, and keep in your head as you study, WHERE EVER you study! (You keep hearing your lecturers say this stuff… but students do too!)

  • ASK YOUR LECTURERS QUESTIONS! Use whatever help is available to you. Stop worrying that you don’t know enough to ask a question!
  • Focus on the WHY of what you’re studying!
  • There IS hope! Even if you’ve tried this repeatedly… you CAN do this!

Is Milpark, CA Connect fully accredited?

I have dealt with hundreds of students over the years who have studied the ‘wrong’ thing, at the ‘wrong’ place, only find out that they’re not eligible for the next level on the CA(SA) route.

CA Connect is part of Milpark, and Milpark is accredited by SAICA. 

You can check it out for yourself here on SAICA’s website.

Entrance Criteria?

The Bridging programme is 6 months and you can start in July. 

The PGDA / CTA programme is a full year, and you can start in July. 

Every student has a different journey and many of them don’t have classic paths of study, so we chatted a bit about the entrance criteria for their PGDA / CTA and Bridging course.

If you’re not sure whether your studies are relevant, please contact them and get more specific info.

For students who are planning PGDA in 2021, but aren’t studying now, doing the Bridging programme may be the best way to prepare you.

Moving from UNISA to CA Connect?

A few questions we covered here:

  • If you have no more attempts at CTA with UNISA, can you register at Milpark, CA Connect? (Spoiler alert: YES!)
  • If your you don’t meet the entrance criteria for your university (UJ; UCT; UP; Wits; Stellenbosch University… whereever!), should you contact them?
  • Stats show that students with averages below 36% should start with the Bridging Programme
  • Changing universities is tough, will students be ok moving from UNISA or another university to Milpark, CA Connect? Teaching style? Exams? Material?

Gareth refers to their Facebook Reviews, you can find that here

How is Tax set up to help students?

I struggled with Tax when I was in CTA, so I asked Raun why he believes his Tax programme is set up to help students who struggle the way I did!

How is Auditing set up to help students?

We KNOW that most students are not as excited about Auditing as we are, but they still do need to pass! I asked Leon how he feels that his Auditing programme is designed to help students with their Auditing.

How does the online programme work?

‘Online learning’ is a very popular term and can mean anything from sending you PDF’s, to videos to online calls. 

We chatted about how Milpark, CA Connect’s PGDA and Bridging programme are designed. What will the student experience be? How do the tests work?

What about Part-Time students?

As an ex-Part time student myself, I know how tough it is to study and work and try keep it all together, so I was keen to find out how a part-time student will experience this programme.

Non-academic issues that affect students

I focus on Study Coaching for students, because I know that non-academic issues can pervade EVERY part of your studying. 

Students don’t always realise how crucial this is, but non-academic support, in a lot of cases are the ABSOLUTE deal-breaker for student success.


What happens with students who are struggling?

What support structures are in place to help students who are struggling? 

Should students be honest about how little they know? How long should students struggle with stuff before they ask for help? When students feel really stupid, they don’t ask for help.

Why would students who feel stupid feel comfortable to ask for help?

Pass rates

We discussed student numbers and pass rates. 

I recorded a video a while back about the dangers of focussing on pass rates and why, please check that out as well.

We chatted about why students would feel confident that they’d be set up to pass.

I really want students to focus on what may prevent THEM from passing. Pass rates are about ‘averages’, but this does not tell YOU why, or how, or what you’re going to struggle with. If you have a support structure… USE IT!

How do students identify what they're REALLY struggling with?

What might prevent YOU from passing?

If you have support, you HAVE to make use of that. So many students don’t want to admit their struggles, and often mis-diagnose what they’re struggling with. (eg: They think they struggle with Auditing, but it’s actually your communication)

Can you get this type of help  from the CA Connect team?

How do firms perceive a CA Connect PGDA?

As an ex-UNISA student, I am very aware that there’s a concern around how firms perceive you, depending on where you did your PGDA / CTA? I was terrified that as a UNISA grad, I wouldn’t find articles, so I KNOW that fear.

Would firms offer you articles if you get a CA Connect PGDA?

We chatted a little about recruitment and students, and the value that YOU can bring to a firm, regardless of where you study.

EMBRACE YOUR STORY! I enjoy Leon’s approach to this. How does YOUR journey add your value?

Contact Information

Contact details: support@milpark.zendesk.com

Email if you have any queries.

Find all the details, fees, payment arrangements here:

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