HOW DOES Strategy & Mindset improve studying?

improving your study approach will improve the effectiveness of your study sessions and your exam performance


I've worked on helping students improve their study approach and develop a growth mindset for over a decade

Course Features

On-Demand Mobile App 
& Online Course

Work through the content in your own time, on desktop or mobile

Practical Tools

The course includes simple tools to help you improve your very next study session and improve your study approach and develop a growth mindset

Designed for Accounting Students

A lot of strategy and mindset courses are generic. This course is designed and delivered by a qualified accountant who has lectured Auditing and Assurance at all levels for over 15 years.
(Yes, that’s me!)

2 X One-on-one Sessions

Two one-on-one sessions with me to help you apply your strategy and mindset tools, and chat about anything else you need help with!

Examples of content:

What will we cover?

Why is a growth mindset relevant for you as an accounting student? Why does the accounting profession increasingly focus on a growth mindset as a vital skill for future-proofing our professional careers?

Simple, practical tools to help you develop and improve your Strategy & Mindset, reduce your anxiety and improve your studies

Your current study strategy is based on your mindset and beliefs around learning (although most students don’t realise this). I’ll help you develop the appropriate strategy for your studying and exams, which will improve your study sessions and exam performance

Most accounting students struggle with perfectionism. How does this affect your studying?

If we want to improve our mindset, we need to change our habits and the way we think. How do habits work? Why are they tough to change? Why do we often feel like we’re sabotaging ourselves? How do we work with our brains, instead of our constant inner conflicts?

How and why do emotions affect our studying? And how does our mindset, and perfectionist traits impact our emotions and our resilience?


Growth Mindset for Students

Online Course
$ 97 (Or 3 payments of $35)
  • 10 Hours of online content
  • 2 X One-on-one Sessions

WHY can I help you?

I’ve lectured students studying towards accounting qualifications for over a decade, and I can promise you that YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH!

Over the years, I realised that no matter how many lectures students attended, no matter how many hours they were studying, no matter how committed they were, they were STILL struggling. As I mentored, counselled and worked with more students, I realised the underlying symptoms and issues are largely related to mindset, and thus I focus mainly on helping students develop a growth mindset


I work with students studying towards all accounting qualifications. My course is not subject-specific, but focusses on HOW you’re studying and thinking. 

My students are generally studying the following:

  • CA qualification in various countries (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Australia & New Zealand)
  • ACCA
  • Accounting and Finance Degrees in the UK 

Click here to go to the course page to enrol and pay.

You can pay using credit or debit card.

You have many options… breathe! 

  • Email me and give me a little background and I’ll give you some advice…
  • Take a look at videos on my YouTube channel and content in my blog. While you might not be able to afford additional support, there is still loads there that can help you 
  • Book a one-on-one session with me ($60 for a one hour session)

At the very least… please watch this video

This course helps students at every level. It was designed with the challenges that students face at higher levels, so it will help you at your current level, and will set the foundation for higher levels


A lot of the concepts will change how you SEE your studying, pretty instantaneously. This alone reduces the stress levels for most students. 

It will also provide you with advice to go change your studying immediately. It’s simple, but not easy!

It will take time to develop good study habits to match your study outcomes, but understanding your challenges helps very quickly. 

Talk to me!

Not every student is the same. The more I understand YOU, and what parts of the course you did and didn’t relate to, the more I can help advise you.

I will always refund students if they get no value from the course, but I will only do this after discussing WHY you found it useless.

The course contents is about 10 Hours. 

You can work through it at your own pace, and use it as a library to come back to when you’re facing specific challenges or work on a new tool


Think of your exams like a major sports’ match for an athlete. Your performance is measured in ONE session, you have to perform at your peak, on demand, and you have to prepare for that for a long time. 

The more you understand how your mindset impacts your performance, and develop tools and skills to help you improve your performance… the better you’ll perform on that day.

You might sign up for this and feel like it “won’t work” for you… why would this be?

First… to start with, you may feel that in order to get better marks in a subject, we need to be talking about THAT topic. (ie: I need better marks in Accounting, so please teach me more Accounting). – Some students refuse to listen to ANYTHING that’s not directly subject-related… and so they never realise that ‘stuff’ outside your topics, will impact how you perform IN those topics. Like stress, for example… you could know your work perfectly… but stress will decrease your marks. 

Second… we all sign up for gym contracts and then don’t go. We can’t get a six-pack if we’re not actually IN the gym, working out. I can give you tools… but YOU have to actually apply and use them

Third… You disengage when things go wrong – The stuff I say all sounds good and logical… and you listen and lean in… and then something goes wrong… and you feel like I’ve lied to you, it’s not going to work, you’re not smart enough, you’re not quite in agreement with something I advise, or it just feels WAY easier to go back to what you’ve always done… and instead of reaching out and saying… “THIS ISN’T WORKING… HELP ME!”… you go quiet, disengage and stop looking at stuff. 

Once you’re registered, you’ll get an email notifying you of when our monthly live session will be.

I’ll send you a Zoom link, and a recording of the session afterwards in case you couldn’t make it. 

You can submit questions, issues you’d like me to deal with beforehand, and I take questions in the sessions

3 Months

If you want to extend your access, you can email me and we’ll chat about it

I offer one-on-one sessions for students who need additional assistance or have specific issues they feel they need guidance on. You can book a one-on-one session here

If you don’t see any hours convenient for you, please email me and we’ll manually create a time slot for you.