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Dedicated, passionate and committed

You're investing in your future. Your studies are important to you, and you sacrifice a lot for your career goals

You used to do well in your studies

You've done well in the past. You've achieved in your studies. You're used to doing well, passing, or at least, not having to struggle to understand work... but something has changed!

Study Habits seem less effective

You're working harder than ever, doing the same things you've always done... but they don't seem to be working as well. Your studies and exams aren't as effective as they used to be

Study Challenges

You're finding things like procrastination, self-doubt, fear of failure, time management, increased anxiety... are becoming more of a challenge to you than they used to be.

What does this all MEAN? What's gone wrong? Is it normal? Is it just because you're studying at a higher level? Is it the subject-matter?

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"I passed ITC! How can I thank you for the constant push, involvement, companionship in this attempt... I think it is impossible.

To think we did a Skype session about 6 weeks before exam. Where I was thinking of not writing. Looking back, the fight was amazing.

I still maintain it is the exam technique that I hung onto. Remembering the conditions I was under for this fight and still crossed the line.
I choose to take away from this the lessons we discussed, not only the result.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you ! 🙂"
ITC Candidate
"My goodness, you hit the nail on the head. I can relate to almost everything you spoke about in these videos. My mindset is kind of fixed.

I will not do a question If I feel I'm not ready. I'll be making summaries, revise, changing study plans and everything but doing questions.

When I do eventually do the question and get stuck, its back to the drawing board, let me master the basics, more summaries and go through this whole cycle again.

And when the exams are here, and I realise I need to do these questions afterll and my summaries were just a waste of time or a negative coping mechanism to face reality."
Third Year Student
"My heart cannot thank you enough.

I have finally passed CTA Level 2, thank you for your guidance, wise words and encouragement.

You kept me going through some dark moments

Thank you!
CTA 2019

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