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I just want to share something from the heart and say thank you for all your advice and motivation throughout the years, I finally passed my APC last year and it ended with CA(SA) for me.

Thanks for all of the You-tube videos, I watched them on the days I needed motivation to study. Thank you for the time you took to motivate me when I joined the Tabaldi course. I wouldn’t have been able to pass ITC without the Tabaldi course and your motivation. I literally thought that being a chartered accountant was always just going to be a dream and not a reality for me. It took so long for me to pass ITC, I passed it on my second last attempt when I joined the Tabaldi course.

Your videos were very easy to associate with for me because I studied through UNISA (part time) whilst completing my articles – it just felt like there was someone out there that understood my stress and said the right things when I needed to hear them.


All the best for the future. I hope you continue to move from success to success!

I hope this email finds you well.
I come bearing good news…I PASSED!!
Still feels so surreal! I could not have done this without you! Thank you so much for carrying me through the year, and always taking the time and effort to respond to all my brain dumps with such care and love.
I am screaming! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! God bless!
Have the best holiday 🙂

(Pre-exam studying) I really appreciate your support so much and I’m sure that I will do my best and I’ll see you on the other side with the board course that your team offers.

Yes I can do it, I just get too focused on the wrong things and stress out unnecessarily. 
I’m going to continue with the plan and do more exam papers and reflection. Personally I’ve never done exam papers before an exam let alone under exam conditions.
Thanks again for the support it’s forced me to keep it moving. 

(Postgrad student)

(Pre-exam studying) I felt really relaxed today and my family reminded me that whatever happens it’s okay I’ll get there. I said that if it takes me longer it’s okay. I also said I’m going to make myself proud. Yes it will be bumpy road but it will be worth it in the end.

I want to thank you for all your help and support! Really, I was a complete nervous wreck because I don’t know what to expect from the exams and I feel a bit more calm than I did. Super grateful for everything!

Okay let me get back to the practice questions. Will check in later today or tomorrow before the test.
Have a wonderful day😊
(Third year student)

(Pre-exam prep) I think I’m doing better Yvonne
I’m trying to apply what you told me during my study session and my focus is more on easy marks now
So I feel some confidence towards the upcoming exams
(Third year student)

(Tests & prep) Hello Yvonne, I wanted to share that after our session last week, I literally stopped going through coursework for my test 2, which I wrote on Monday and yesterday, I focused on doing questions and marking them. I am not sure how test 2 will go overall but I am happy that I had no anxiety when I wrote my tests and I was able to keep a clear head.
(Postgrad student (PGDA))

“I’m about to mark the question I just did right now. Under time pressure. 
It was tempting to actually peak over the memo because some of the theory I actually didn’t know it, but I just decided to continue and write what I know.
And with the current knowledge that I have, I could have passed the question!”
(Third year student)

I am loving this new technique.
I’ve never studied this way.

I’ll keep you updated after the weekend when I do more questions and cover other modules as well

 And I did a financial instruments question yesterday. I failed that, so I quickly brushed over the section and I moved on.

But this method is definitely giving me a little more confidence

(ITC Repeat Candidate)

(After teaching her how to use ChatGPT as a tutor) “ChatGPT… what a gem. Studying for theory questions has become way more fun and easier now. I love how it simplifies everything for me

How I wish I had it known about it earlier. 😅 I’m definitely going to abuse it 😂😂😂🤣 it’s so much better than Google to be honest. I’m impressed. 

😊 I went from struggling with finance theory to fully understanding concepts and I even finished some questions I did under exam conditions before the timer stopped for the specific prescribed time/duration.

I feel like I’m making progress finally, because now I consider costing easier than finance. I expected to be able to master exam techniques in costing better than finance but oh well 😅 I’ll have to work harder.

I’ve done more questions on finance than costing so far even though I have more days allocated to costing than finance. But yes there is progress as my attitude towards finance is more positive than it was before.

(Third year student)

(Pre-exam prep)

  • (Day 1 after session) Looking forward to studying all my subjects in this manner. I feel more motivated as I get through various types of questions. Really appreciate your help
  • (Day 3) I’m loving this study strategy. It works wonders. I can’t thank you enough as I feel motivated to continue studying
  • (Day 4) If I continue like this I will be done with most of my sections by next week. At times I do feel like I cant do the question I’m building resilience to attempt them all.
  • Only now I have come to realize how much time I used to waste by keep going back to the lecture notes to “restudy” the work
  • The more I’m practising under exam conditions the more comfortable I’m getting
  • (Day 7) Once more I can’t thank you enough for the extremely valuable advise you gave me.
  • Have been applying it to almost all my subjects and my learning curve has increased so much.

I’m excited about this going forward. Thank you so much.

I can’t believe nobody teaches us these things

I’ve got 2 weeks to exams and I am almost done with all PGDA papers. Will start looking at some ITC papers from next week
(Postgrad student (PGDA))

Hey Yvonne. The studying is going fine and I am forcing myself to do the questions.

I am doing smaller questions so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. It has been going fine so far

I’m looking at this work differently now. I would have thought I need to revise. But now I have a better plan to look into the something else preventing me from scoring on basic marks.

I had a meeting with Yvonne  after failing my PGDA. I was completely heartbroken and feeling so lost and even willing to drop the CA journey completely as I felt that maybe it was not for me. Yvonne truly helped me to see the light of a very dark tunnel, she provided me with brilliant insight on how to move forward and even how to come to terms with my failure. Her advice and knowledge is truly remarkable and I 1000% recommend going through her blogs, videos and even setting up a session with her.

Hello Yvonne!! Its been a while….. so I passed my CTA!!!!
I got 3 supps and I felt like dying but I went and I just gave it my best and it worked! I honestly would not have done it without you and for that I want to say thank you so much for changing my mindset in a lot of ways. For Financial management, we got Standard costing in the Supp and I did not even study it , but I just calmed myself down and said, “I dont remember but I will try to write what I remember”. That gave me strength and I thought to myself that if I just freaked out at that point I would not even finish writing. Thank you so much for teaching me that I am not a victim and that I need to work hard and complain later 🙂

I appreciate how you still reach out to us even when we are quiet. You are doing an amazing job and I am honestly surprised that not many people understand the depth of your courses, all they want to hear is the answers to their module questions when you are offering so much more than that. My confidence in my ability to construct knowledge for myself has improved tremendously, all thanks to you🙏🏿🥰

Yvonne I have passed!!!!!!

Thank you for all the support and motivation. Without you I wouldn’t have made it.
I am so grateful that Ive met you!

Just have to share, I passed ITC first attempt!!!

Your words of leaving the perfectionist at the door when writing an exam has still stuck with me, as well as looking for the easy marks.

I did CTA L1 twice and CTA L2 twice, so passing this exam first time is just gratitude on another level ⭐

Thank you again for the impact you have made in my study career!!!!


I passed ITC!!!
Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I would not have been able to do it without you.
The effort and work you do is priceless and is going to help so many aspiring CA’s to achieve their dreams.


My heart cannot thank you enough.

I have finally passed CTA Level 2, thank you for your guidance, wise words and encouragement.
You kept me going through some dark moments

Thank you


The good thing is that I am using the research method ONLY to study and it is going so well. I was able to get through Auditing over the weekend and I am finally up to date with the module and feel better prepared for the test.

I have noticed that I get to understand concepts quicker/better and most importantly am able to apply the knowledge to questions much faster. I am even asking myself why I haven’t used this method from the start. It is going so well and my test two result will speak for themselves. I even feel like I will do even better. lol. Thank you for your support. I am really feeling extra positive about my studies and funny enough, it makes me feel extra positive about life in general.

My procrastination has also improved. It is not were I would like it to be yet but I am definitely putting in a lot of work and I am happy with the progress.

PGDA Student

I’m definitely feeling more confident and hope it will be enough.

I’ve also realised that we already lose at least 5mins to allocate time to each question and determining where to start. I have to be fully immersed in the session to keep track of where I am and where to score marks…its working so far.

I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

CTA Student


I passed ITC! How can I thank you for the constant push, involvement, companionship in this attempt… I think it is impossible.

To think we did a Skype session about 6 weeks before exam. Where I was thinking of not writing. Looking back, the fight was amazing.

I still maintain it is the exam technique that I hung onto. Remembering the conditions I was under for this fight and still crossed the line.

I choose to take away from this the lessons we discussed, not only the result.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you  !  🙂

ITC Candidate

My time studying theory has substantially reduced but by doing questions I feel like I am retaining so much more and I feel less behind in my work and more aware of what is going on in the specific module or topic.
I also wanted to mention to you that I am using that “game plan” method when answering my questions. I am identifying the easy marks that I can score first and then focusing more on the more complex ones.
I also just want to say thank you so much for all your advice. It’s really helped me change my approach to studying so far. I hope you are well and thank you for checking in with me.

Third year Student

Having a coach like Yvonne played a great part in helping me regain the perspective I had lost over the years trying to achieve my goals.

Yvonne is a great asset to have in your corner. She will always back you up and will go the extra mile to help you succeed and offer advice when needed.

Yvonne, I would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to me and for all the advice you have given me in preperation for the ITC exam.

ITC Candidate

I got 79% for Fac, 78% for Tax and 75% Auditing.

I’m so excited! But as excited as I may be, I would not have been able to pull these marks off without your help. Thank you so very much!

Third year Student

My marks have improved! I still have a long way to go, but I saw what you mean about CAKE, and where I need to focus now. I feel like I’m making progress! Also not taking a nap after work works much better than when I do.

Thank you for your help and your patience with me!

CTA Candidate

You’re awesome Yvonne 🙂

Thanks for this, it’s helpful, trust me.

Sometimes I wish work was at night and studying during the day, lol

Let me fight my brain tonight and get through some more questions

CTA Candidate

I subscribed to Yvonne’s program in preparation for the ITC 2019, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to attempt ITC. She taught me the value of having a growth-mindset and how to apply the growth-mindset in the process of preparing for the exam. During the program I learned that the habits of how you learn may have a significant effect on your performance on the day. Her insights helped me to understand the “game” of examination and how to “play” it.

I would recommend her program to any candidate at all levels of the path to becoming a Chartered Accountant, from undergrad to board examinations.

ITC Candidate

Applying the Research model has been a good way of identifying what I don’t know before diving into the theory, and using the ratio places a deadline into how much theory I should do so it becomes a small goal that I look forward to achieving. Leaving a question when the time is up is something that is heavily emphasised by our lecturers as there are always ‘easy marks’ in all the questions.

Third year Student

  • One hour, online one-on-one Session
  • Recorded: You get the link to go through again
  • Follow-up emails: I always check in with my students, so I know what else you need
  • Cost: $40

Student comments after the online courses:

I have online courses and a mobile app to assist students.  Students can go through more content, at their own pace. The mobile app sends them content regularly, to help keep them on track.

Here are some comments from students on the content:

Longer Letters from Students

Ooh my word I have good news, Our end of semester results came out and I passed, Wait there’s more i even made it into the Top ten list of best students.

Words really fail me Yvonne on how I can explain how you took me from a failed CTA attempt to where I am now, How you were so patient with me, how you would continuously reach out. After my first failed attempt I had completely lost hope in ever becoming a Chartered Accountant, but you helped me pick myself up and to try again like I knew no pain. Thank you so much for holding my hand up until this date, Thank you for walking with me in this journey.

I remember after writing our first half of exams I came here crying of how tough they were and how I had lost hope in the future exams…. But you encouraged me to get up and to soldier on till the end… And here is the end!

Wow, I’m still short of words of how you helped me to never give up on me, my dreams my future… I’m literally now emotional Yvonne thank you so much.

Whenever you think of things going otherwise in your life, Just know there’s someone out there living full of hope because of you… Thank you

Good Day Yvonne
I hope this email finds you well.

Firstly I am extremely grateful for the opportunity you afforded me by sparing me some time from your extremely busy schedule.

I honestly can’t thank you enough for the talk we had about mindset and about my approach to my studying. The session was so friendly that I couldn’t believe I’m speaking to a senior lecturer and a professional whom I have been watching videos of for about 4 years. 

To me it felt like I spoke to an ‘educational psychologist’ who gave me the perfect therapy before my exams. You shifted my mindset from kind of a “fixed” mindset to a growth one, the reason I say this is you immediately recognised that I was fixed on revising notes I already knew without wanting to tackle the challenging stuff (questions, topics).

I loved the session so much, that I regretted not talking to you earlier (at the start of my CTA journey). Today we have millions of motivational speakers for students but having an educational coach is rare. Your practical methodologies are a game changer. EVERY ACCOUNTING AND NON ACCOUNTING STUDENT SHOULD speak to a coach like you before starting their academic journey so that they have the correct mindset and know how to approach their degree. 

Pardon me for this late feedback, and in all honesty i am so positive about passing my CTA that i am actually looking forward to prep session for ITC in future.

I pray many struggling students find you sooner so that you can help them in their journey as well.

The road to overcoming our challenges is very lonely. The challenges we face are far beyond failure. The academic help we get is only but a part of the tools we need to overcome our challenges.

Having a coach like Yvonne may provide you with the realisation that you may distract yourself from studying .Identify the actual productive time you spend on studying as well as some tools to find the weaknesses in how you study.

The tools and skills given to me by Yvonne were not only academically focussed but had a dual purpose. The first was my personality which is what drives our studies and approaches to challenges. The second were tools on which I can improve and re-look at my study routine.

The journey taken with Yvonne will not be easy. Do not be afraid to engage her in the methods provided. Yvonne does understand individuality and will adapt her methods to help ease some challenges.

The introspection needed will seem tiresome but so is failure and not knowing the reason for it. Search in the tools provided by Yvonne on general improvement and approaches to completing any task.

I recommend you drive the journey taken with Yvonne. She will not solve your challenges but provide you with some tools to do so.

I wish you everything of the best in achieving your goals !

ITC Candidate

I’m grateful that I found Yvonne at the time that I did. I was close to exams and I wasn’t confident that I had covered enough to pass.
Her coaching really helped me change my focus in terms of how I was studying, and as a reason I ended up going through more questions than I probably would have gone through before my exams as I was still very fixated with thoroughly knowing the theory. This in turn boosted my confidence levels for each module (including management accounting and auditing which weren’t my favourites). She helped me get out of my own head and helped to point out some of the bad habits I had developed along the way to “protect myself”.
I especially loved how on bad days when I didn’t cover what I had planned to cover, as much as she didn’t enable me, she still didn’t make me feel worse than I already felt but instead encouraged me to do better the next day. Thank you very much Yvonne!!

Third Year Student

  • 2 X One-on-one Sessions
    • Recordings: You get the link to go through again
  • Ten hour, online course content
  • 6 Weeks access to Mobile app for daily content and ‘nudges’
  • Follow-up messages & content: I always check in with my students, so I know what else you need
  • Cost: $97 (or 3 X $35)