THe only itc course that gives you individual feedback

You’ll submit at least SIX questions and one full Sim Exam – and I’ll give you detailed feedback on your exam technique and guide your studying going foward

What do ITC students struggle with?

SAICA releases Marker Comments for every ITC exam. 

You can find these on their website with the past papers and solutions. This is the report that I’m looking at in the video.

I'll teach you the skills you need to turn your knowledge into marks

I'll show how to improve your application, communication, and structuring your answers

What Skills will we work on?

Wouldn’t it be seriously useful to KNOW whether you need revision on a section? I’ll give you a tool to calculate this, so you KNOW that you’re working on the right stuff when you’re studying

I’ll show you how to plan and index your case study to make the most of your time, and get the most out of your information in the reading time

Most students lose about 10% of their marks because of misreading the question in some way. If we can reduce that, your marks will improve. So, I’ll give you a tool to prevent the misreading!

I’ll show you how to structure your discussion questions to cover all the elements required. I’ll give you techniques to improve the marks you get in your discussion questions (because you KNOW that you have more knowledge than you get marks for!)

Your focus HAS to be on passing that exam… which means getting 50% of the marks. How do we make sure that you’re focussed on this while you’re answering those questions? I’ll help you

How do you know what to cover? What to leave out? The level of detail to cover for different parts of the question? Learning to structure and plan your answer will massively improve your marks. You’ve heard your lecturers tell you repeatedly to ‘plan your answers’… now I’ll show you HOW to do this!

We need to assess and improve our own application and communication. It’s a lot easier when someone else reads our stuff, but we need to do and mark our own questions… I’ll give you tool to help identify what to fix and how.

Exams, and studying, is stressful. We lose a lot of marks due to panic, stress and the ‘fight / flight / freeze’ reaction. It changes the way we think, and we rush instead of calmly approach the questions the way we normally would. Having the skill of calming down on demand will improve our marks, and decrease anxiety

Course Features

Submit Tasks & Get Individual Feedback

You’ll submit questions, and we’ll give you feedback on YOUR attempt and how to improve your marks

Step-by-step Methods to improve application & communication

I’ll give you practical tools to improve your answers. I’ll show you HOW to improve your discussion questions, and the planning of your answers to get you the marks you deserve

CTA Revision Syllabus

The CTA Syllabus is included in Revision course form, including exam technique

Study Guidance

Study advice to help you reduce stress, improve performance and approach your study sessions more effectively

On-Demand Online Course

Work through the content at your own pace

Live Sessions

General Feedback on tasks and exam technique. Motivation and encouragement


Contact me for quotes on discounts for group enrolments for companies:

ITC Skills & Strategy Board Course

Once-off payment
$ 370 Approx R6 800
  • Individual Feedback on questions you submit
  • Practical Skills to improve Application and communication
  • Live Sessions with general feedback & support
  • CTA Revision Course

ITC Skills & Strategy Board Course

Monthly Payments
$ 99 (R1 800 for 4 months)
  • Individual Feedback on questions you submit
  • Practical Skills to improve Application and communication
  • Live Sessions with general feedback & support
  • CTA Revision Course
  • This is a payment plan NOT a subscription model
  • Payment terms will change each month (ie: end May will be $129 for 3 months)

Student Feedback

  • Yes, I have always thought that I was lacking knowledge and that was normal to me as I have 2 years post my CTA. However, doing content has never added value to me but it got boring because everytime I was doing a topic it felt like a repetition of what I already knew, but lack of confidence in my knowledge convinced me that I needed to do it anyway. When I started with the course I was introduced to the BCMR and funny enough it looked like it was time consuming for me and I did not like it at first, but after a few submissions and doing it thoroughly I was so happy about the realisation that I actually knew more than I thought and I did not see the need to go back to the content anymore, my confidence levels were boosted. The other skill that helped a lot was the skill of slowing down, and breathing, throughout my exam I did not panic at all for the first time in my student life because I knew that as tough the question is I had to just break it down.
  • Yes, the program was really helpful. The tasks that we had to do were really helpful in building the skills of answering the questions.
  • Skills like planning and indexing are the skills learnt from this course and I must say they are really helpful.
  • Definitely. I was more in control and had a better idea of how to answer questions and how to plan my answers better.
  • Firstly, not only did it help me with my exam technique, but it has forced me to do and mark questions, be consistent and mostly importantly see that it is possible to pass the ITC.
  • The course helped me build skills on how to approach questions in terms of breaking down the question into simpler terms to understand. It also helped me not focus on just highlighting the scenario but taking the time to read and to annotate what each paragraph relates to.
  • Yes, absolutely. The course helped me build all the skills that l needed to answer questions better in the exams that l did not have before doing the course. With the BMCR tool, l managed to gather more marks by focusing on the basic marks and not stressing much about the HG stuff if l did not know them. The discussion template also helped ensured that l wrote down all the components of a discussion. Oh not forgetting the CPC discussion format, that was really helpful as l am now able to answer CPC questions and gather almost all the marks for those questions.
  • The individual feedback was very helpful as it was personalised for me and speaking to things that I needed to improve on, sometimes I would feel like Yvonne was too strict 😂, but it was only for the best because it helped me improve a lot in my answering.
  • The individual feedback was really great and as ITC candidate you would feel like redoing the question so that you ensure you get to see where you actually went wrong and get to understand why the lecturers advise the way they do. They provide detailed feedback and that helped a lot in improving the way of answering questions.
  • Definitely. I wouldn’t be able to improve myself without the valuable individual feedback. The individual feedback, in some way, also made me feel calmer about my studies. (Not sure how else to explain it..)
  • You can see your mistakes and improve on it. The feedback is thought out and in detail, which I really appreciated. Furthermore, I noticed that when feedback is given, not only are your errors highlighted but solutions are given to help improve on them and where things were done well, it is mentioned as well
  • It was very valuable to me as it helped me identify areas of weakness from a marker’s perspective. It also helped me stay on track with practicing questions under exam conditions as there were moments I felt like I didn’t know enough theory, and was very tempted to go back to theory. Yvonne really motivated me to keep practicing even when I barely passed the questions on the tasks I submitted. 
  • Most definitely, this helped me focus more of my time on the things l was not getting right and needed to work on and how to improve going forward. The great thing l liked most about the feedback was that it focused on me as an individual and it was not generalized as students have different weaknesses. The SIM exam feedback was also a great tool to help me for my final preparations for the exam.
  • Absolutely! This course provided me with the necessary tools to at least give the ITC exam a blue eye (well, I hope I did). I didn’t experience this when I was part of the other board courses, because the majority of the other board courses are theory-driven and do not personally invest in their students’ individual needs like you guys. (and that’s what I needed)
  • The course is different to other courses I know of. I attended the CTA course with another institution and ITC candidates would attend the same class with CTA candidates. The way this course is structured is totally different and I can say it is purely for ensuring ITC candidates pass ITC exams. It helps a lot in teaching exam technique.
  • It is very different, I have been with two different board courses prior to this one, in both of them they were very focused only on the knowledge, attending 4 hours of classes doing a question and the other aspects of studying were not prioritised. It works for other people though but for me I think I needed more than just focusing on the knowledge hence, this course worked better for me.
  • This course is different to other board courses that I have attended as other courses spent more time on theory and doing questions which I feel I can do on my own. With regards to this course you take a deep dive into exam technique and building confidence in your knowledge and where knowledge was lacking, you can pick it up and address it accordingly.
  • Yes. Very true, as it focuses on how one can change their mindset from “I need more theory” to “I know the basics about a topic, I need to practice more so I can improve on my communication, exam technique etc”. The course helps one build confidence on the fact that they have the basic knowledge on the topic and they just need to improve on communication skills.
  • I agree with you because most Board courses focus more on the theory and technical aspects of the exam whilst this course focuses more on the skills to help apply the theory you already have and pass the exam which can not be found in any Board course


Yeah, I know this is pricey. The reason for this is that we go through YOUR attempts and give you individual feedback. With at least SIX question submissions and a full Sim exam, we spend a lot of hours on EACH student. Add individual emails, sometimes one-on-one sessions, additional marking and feedback… and it adds up to a lot of one-on-one time we spend per student. This costs us a lot more than just giving notes, on-demand videos and a file of questions. 

You also have access to the CTA syllabus, a few live sessions, and all the Skill tools, strategy and mindset tools. 

It’s an on-demand course, which means that you move at your own pace, and work at your speed. There are some live sessions, but most of the content is available for you to get started on as soon as you register.

You do need some time to work through the Skills, so we will be closing registration for the course about 4 weeks before the exam. Watch this space!


I give you step-by-step tools to change the very next question you do. You will SEE the improvement in your questions really quickly.

The skills will take time to practice, because it may be different to what you’ve done, but every time you practice, you’ll see bits of improvement. 


This course covers everything you need. CTA Syllabus, and most importantly, the Skills to turn your knowledge into marks. To answer the ITC questions properly.

Click here to go to the course page to enrol and pay.

You can pay using credit or debit card, or an EFT.

We can only offer instalment options if you register more than two months before the exam.

This requires a credit-card for payment. 

Each month, as we get closer to the exam, the monthly amount will increase and the payment months will decrease. (ie: From Feb ’24 – $91 for 5 months)


We have a lot of repeat students who have struggled to get their skills up to the levels needed to pass.

We also have a lot of first timers, because while they’ve just passed CTA, they’re still struggling to bridge that gap to the integration, communication and problem-solving level of the ITC exam.

There are SIX skills, which require you do attempt and submit questions (approx 30 marks), which we give you feedback on. Plus, there’s a 100 mark Sim exam. (All from past ITC papers).

Each skill will take about one hour to work through.

If you work through two skills a week, you can do this course in 3 weeks. 


We have a +70% pass rate for students that complete the course. 

Most of our students are UNISA students, and a lot of those are repeat students who have tried other Board courses, and are starting to feel a little hopeless. 

Sadly, UNISA’s pass rate from CTA to ITC has been less than 30% in the last two years. This means that students are passing UNISA CTA, and then getting stuck at ITC. We can help you get the skills you need to bridge that gap.

You might sign up for this and feel like it “won’t work” for you… why would this be?

First… to start with, you may feel that in order to get better marks in a subject, we need to be talking about THAT topic. (ie: I need better marks in Accounting, so please teach me more Accounting). – Some students refuse to listen to ANYTHING that’s not directly subject-related… and so they never realise that ‘stuff’ outside your topics, will impact how you perform IN those topics. Like stress, for example… you could know your work perfectly… but stress will decrease your marks. 

Second… we all sign up for gym contracts and then don’t go. We can’t get a six-pack if we’re not actually IN the gym, working out. I can give you tools… but YOU have to actually apply and use them

Third… You disengage when things go wrong – The stuff I say all sounds good and logical… and you listen and lean in… and then something goes wrong… and you feel like I’ve lied to you, it’s not going to work, you’re not smart enough, you’re not quite in agreement with something I advise, or it just feels WAY easier to go back to what you’ve always done… and instead of reaching out and saying… “THIS ISN’T WORKING… HELP ME!”… you go quiet, disengage and stop looking at stuff. 

I’ll put as much into your studying as you will. If you do the work, you WILL see the results.

The feedback we give you on each task will help guide your future studying. If we see other ‘stuff’ that you seem to be struggling with, we’ll advise you on that as well. 

If you’re struggling with something, we also set up one-on-one calls with you to help you out. 

NOTE: We put in as much as you do. If you wait until the last minute before working on stuff, we can’t help you very much. If you’re not doing tasks but wanting extra help, the only advice you’ll hear from us is “Go do the tasks so we can see what’s getting in the way of your marks”… THEN we’ll talk about what else you need.