How does your Mindset & Study Strategy DIRECTLY affect your studies?

What is the Study Strategy & Mindset app?

Students ask me how to improve their focus, procrastination, time management and their study speed. They want the ‘fixes’ for their study challenges.

The app focusses on helping you understand these issues, where they come from, how it impacts our studying, and very importantly, how to change them.

Without understanding these, you’ll will awesome study plans, and keep doing exactly the same stuff, because you don’t know WHY you’re making the unconscious choices EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Who needs this app?

What does the app cover?

How will the Study Strategy & Mindset app help you?

Examples of content:

We need to have constant reminders to keep new habits and changes top-of-mind.

The Study Mindset & Strategy app is like having a Study Coach with you everyday. You’re constantly in touch with the study habits and mindset you want to improve, and you’re not alone.

We make the best changes in small steps, on a consistent basis.

This app is great because it supplements your studying and doesn’t take time aay from what you want to be focussing on… your studying! 

Study Strategy & Mindset App – Payment Options

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$22 / month
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How can I help you?

I’ve lectured students studying towards accounting qualifications for over a decade, and I can promise you that YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH!

Over the years, I realised that no matter how many lectures students attended, no matter how many hours they were studying, no matter how committed they were, they were STILL struggling. As I mentored, counselled and worked with more students, I realised the underlying symptoms and issues that cause these challenges, and I’ve summarised these in this course.

Student comments:


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This course helps students at every level. From their first year of studies, to those writing Board exams. Understanding who we are, and why we make the decisions we do, will affect us at every level.


A lot of the concepts will change how you SEE your studying, pretty instantaneously. This alone reduces the stress levels for most students. 

It will also provide you with advice to go change your studying immediately. It’s simple, but not easy!

It will take time to develop good study habits to match your study outcomes, but understanding your challenges helps very quickly. 

Talk to me!

Not every student is the same. The more I understand YOU, and what parts of the course you did and didn’t relate to, the more I can help advise you.

I will always refund students if they get no value from the course, but I will only do this after discussing WHY you found it useless.

Study Strategy & Mindset App – Payment Options

From: $22

Please only select one option below…

$22 / month
$97 every 6 months