Why do I need your help?

While I do sell course and one-on-one coaching time, I provide a lot of information for free. I spend a lot of time creating and sharing content because I know that students do not always have resources to pay for the support they need. 

I have two goals:

  • I want to be able to provide as much free insight as possible,
  • I want to reach as many students as possible

…however, I also need to pay bills (and you may know that I have 8 rescue cats who eat a LOT!)

So, how can you help me achieve these two goals… WITHOUT taking out your wallet!?

What ways can you help me and other students?

Your Comments & Feedback

Why do I need your comments?

A lot of the stuff I discuss is fairly ‘new’ to people. It can seem strange, and is often stuff that people don’t want to talk about or admit to struggling with. We feel alone and isolated, and feel like there’s something ‘wrong’ with us. 

While I can say that I see this from students all the time, NOTHING is as valuable as students sharing their experiences with eachother. 

Having the support of others who’ve overcome challenges, relate to our challenges, and even just the fact that you realise you’re NOT THE ONLY ONE, can be really valuable to someone elses’ journey.

How can you help?

  • If you find an article, video, or course of mine valuable,
  • If you feel like something I’ve said or done has helped you to improve something,
  • if you feel you can relate to it, struggle with some of the stuff that I discuss,
  • if you’re prepared to share your story / challenge so that others don’t feel alone…

…please leave a comment on that video or at the bottom of the article. 

(If you don’t want people to know it’s you, send me an email with the relevant article / video link and your comment. I can add the comment anonymously)

Email: yvonne@accountingstudyadvice.com


Yes, I have adverts on my YouTube videos. We all know how annoying they are. I totally understand! So, why do I do it?

I want to get advertisers and other people to pay me, so that you don’t have to!

This way, I can provide stuff to you for free.

How can you help?

The longer you ‘watch’ an advert, the more YouTube pays me… so if you want to help… just watch a bit more of the adverts before you click ‘skip’. lol.

I know it sounds funny… but your attention is YouTube’s currency… so you can pay me with your attention instead of your money. (I think there’s a really interesting Financial Accounting discussion brewing there in terms of the reality of ‘attention’ being as valuable as ‘money’… but that’s for someone else to think about!)

Since I’m not in the entertainment industry, don’t provide explicit, sensational or bizarre videos, my content has NO chance of getting the views necessary to make me a fortune. (You need about 1mil views a month to make $1000), so, while I do this… I am certainly not printing money and stuffing my mattress with it 🙂

Share stuff

Most of us are SO over the idea of ‘sharing’ stuff (Except funny memes that you just HAVE to share!). So I know this isn’t high on your priority list!

As I mentioned above, one of my goals is to reach as many students as possible. If you feel that something I’ve said may be helpful to other students, please share it with them.

Thank you...

Thank you to all of you who have emailed me over the years, giving me feedback, queries, and supported my goals. 

My greatest desire is to help provide even just ONE stepping stone on the path to your goals. There are a LOT of stepping stones you need to navigate, and sometimes the next one can just feel too far away. If someone can put one down for you in a place that you can reach a little easier, that’s amazing for our journey.

Thanks for your continued support, I hope to hear more from you 😉