"Start doing questions!"

I say this ALL the time. My students probably hear my voice nagging them in their sleep (sorry about that!)

The most common question I get from students is:

“Do you mean I shouldn’t study my theory or spend time understanding the topic?”

Nope. This isn’t what I’m saying. But I understand where the confusion comes from! 

Take-Aways from the video:

Your learning should be guided by questions (0:00 - 3:07)

You’re expected to apply, communicate and integrate your knowledge. You’re expected to be able to USE your knowledge in almost any situation. 

This means you need to understand what problems you may face, and what you may be expected to DO with your knowledge.

Your topics are TOOLS! (3:07 - 4:38)

A lot of your lecturers will tell you not to do questions before you’ve studied properly…. because they know you’ll probably learn the solutions off-by-heart, if you’re not sure of the content yet. If you plan on doing this… then I absolutely agree… don’t touch questions!

I want you to use questions to GUIDE your learning and PRACTICE using your skills and knowledge

Your drivers’ licence is a practical test. Yes, there’s theory you need to know. (Rules of the road, the guidelines of parallel parking, the concept of clutch control etc)… but you KNOW that you can’t learn all the theory and only START learning to actually drive two weeks before your test. You KNOW you need to start practicing. 

Practical exams… require PRACTICE

"Walk around the Obstacle Course (4:38 - 6:01)

What are you going to need to be able to DO with your knowledge?

Learning through Knowledge Gaps (6:02 - end)

Your brain is a problem-solving machine. But we only ever give it problems once we think we know everything. So we retain less, we focus less… because your brain has no problem to solve. It’s just ‘remembering’. 

More 'stuff' on doing questions...

Yeah… I talk about this a LOT! There’s plenty of videos and articles to read to explain WHY I advise this; HOW to start changing habits.

Here are some of them:

If you can relate, or have a query...

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