First Year Accounting – Exam Technique

FAC1502 exam technique

I’m taking Tabaldi’s FAC1502 and FAC1601 class this semester, you can register here:

Register for Tabaldi’s FAC1502 online course here

Email Tabaldi:


Register before end-February 2020, and a get 10% discount. Use the above code

Are you struggling with FAC1502 or FAC1601?

I developed the online course for Tabaldi Education’s FAC1502 online course module.

I’ve lectured this module for many years, so I really understand what students struggle with. In most cases, they focus for too much time on theory and details, instead of practicing questions.

So, I’ve added a video from my exam course, based on a past paper, to give you some stuff to think about when you study.

What do I want you to take from this video?

  • Are you thinking of what the MARKER is looking for?
  • Do you know what they’re trying to test you for?
  • Regardless of your knowledge, you HAVE to practice how to answer questions
  • Note some of the tricky things that no amount of knowledge will ‘fix’, only PRACTICING questions

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