Creativity, Innovation, and uncertainty

I chatted to Michael Lee, founder of The Innotivity Institute, about creativity, innovation and uncertainty.

I’ve chatted a bit about the future of accounting before, and will continue to do so. It’s really important for us to understand the role that innovation and creativity will play in our future success.

The focus of this chat, however, is the topic of UNCERTAINTY! (If this word makes you shudder… take a look at Michael’s free invite to his masterclass…) 

Many students and young professionals I work with want to be CEO’s, CFO’s, financial leaders, entrepreneurs. While it’s important to have sound knowledge, your success requires far more than that.

The ability to adapt and innovate is commonly accepted as a valuable trait, however, we don’t always realise that UNCERTAINTY is an inevitable component of this. 

Whether it’s studying, career planning, working or life in general, most people I know try hard to avoid uncertainty. “Yvonne, will this guarantee me a good job / a pass / a successful career…?” is something I hear a lot. We want the answers, the sure-fire plan… before we start something.

Uncertainty makes us anxious, and we try avoid it.

The bots are coming...!

“If you can’t do something creative with your knowledge, you probably won’t be needed in 10 years”

Adaptability, means uncertainty

‘Innovation’ has become a buzzword. We all LOVE the idea of ‘disrupting’ whatever industry we choose to work in. We LOVE the idea of having the ‘next big idea’. That sounds AWESOME!

What’s less awesome, and what often trips us up, is the uncertainty that inevitably arises from doing something we’ve never done before, or that no one else has done! Will the uncertain outcome of our actions prevent us from doing something new? 

… and before you shake your head and say “NO, not me Yvonne! I’m going to change the world!”, I want you to think of your studying. If you don’t like trying questions when you don’t KNOW the answer because ‘not knowing’ makes you feel stupid, and uncertain and doubt yourself, if you HAVE to KNOW the answer before you try anything… then don’t imagine that you’ll behave differently in the ‘real world’!

“Uncertainty is valuable. Without it, we don’t change “


'How to Dance with Uncertainty' - Online Masterclass

You’re invited! FOR FREE!


The experience will help you transform your anxiety about uncertainty into an upleveling life tool. You’ll take a challenge you’re currently struggling with due to uncertainty and find innovative and creative ways to overcome it. Most excitingly, you’ll learn to welcome–and then DANCE with uncertainty – instead of trying to turn it into certainty. 

A bonus…

In the spirit of ‘Giving Tuesday’, if you attend the full 90 minute seminar, FREE access to our Innovation Explosion training (a $347 value), will be given not to YOU, but in your name to a young entrepreneur who can’t afford it.

You will be tagged and thanked publicly for this generous blessing. It’s your chance to give away something of such high value without having to part with anything! What great karma!

Please invite and share with your friends to get more people there to up the karma even more! It’s gratitude and generosity week! And the more people who come, the more gets given away!

I’ll be attending… believe it or not… I have issues with uncertainty too! So I’ll see you there!!!

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