Yvonne chats to: Gareth Olivier CA(SA) – “What IS Exam Technique?”

What is Exam Technique?

I chatted to Gareth Olivier CA(SA) from Milpark – CA Connect about exam technique

As lecturers, we talk a lot about the importance of exam technique when you’re studying and preparing for your exams. 

But WHAT is it?! 

I think this is an important conversation, especially for students who tend to see it as ‘study hacks’ and short-term ways to increase their marks. We want you to think of exam technique as a more long-term value-add for your studying, and here’s why!

Gareth's definition

“Can you communicate your knowledge? Does your work represent your potential? “

Yvonne's Definition

“Can you USE your knowledge to DO the task within the given parameters? “

Other Chats with Gareth

I’ve had a few chats with Gareth Olivier, you can find them here:

You can find out more about Milpark – CA Connect’s online PGDA and Bridging programme on their website:

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