Learning starts off with you knowing nothing!

I chatted to Gareth Olivier CA(SA) from Milpark – CA Connect about learning and studying. 

One of our discussion points was students who feel that learning is about knowing everything. I often find my students are VERY worried that they don’t know something quickly, or are struggling. They instinctively feel that they must KNOW stuff as fast as possible. 

I really like Gareth’s philosophy of approaching your studying with curiousity. What I want you to realise is that curiousity STARTS with NOT KNOWING!

“Student’s stress and frustration often comes from the expectation that they SHOULD know everything, and get it right as fast as possible”

No one's getting all this right first time!

My students always worry that they’re struggling more than anyone else, or that they’re never going to ‘get it’, and somehow have a feeling that other people find it easier, or aren’t struggling. 

ALL OF US STRUGGLED! The guys and girls at the top of the class, even your lecturers! I love how honest Gareth is in the video.

Struggling does NOT MEAN you’re not going to pass!

The Stages of Learning

Psychologists have identified four stages of learning, to represent the journey of ‘not knowing’ to ‘competence’.

I really want you to think of these SLOWLY, and ask yourself whether you generally feel like you should go from 1 through to 4 in one afternoon!

(Click on the right / left arrows to move through the slides)

Learning stages by Yvonne Venter

As Gareth mentioned in the video above, BE KIND TO YOURSELF! Learning is not an instant process.

If you’re struggling with something, it’s an indication that you need to improve your understanding, ask a question. What is ISN’T, is a ‘sign’ that you can’t do this!


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