Yvonne chats to: Bruce Vivian CA(SA) about working in the Public Sector

What’s in the article and videos?

An accounting career in The Public Sector

The Public Sector (ie: Government) is a HUGE part of our economic environment and GDP. I thought it was time to explore career opportunities for Accounting and Auditing a little more.

Loads of students look into doing their articles at the Auditor General or other government departments. I thought I’d try get you some more information and exposure to this as a career / articles option.

Bruce Vivian is a Senior Manager at AFROSAI-E, he has worked in the Private Sector, and the Public Sector (Specifically the Auditor General), he focusses on Training and Education and has a great passion for his field. I asked him to have a video chat with me on your behalf.Β  (You’re welcome!)

He mentions a bunch of links / articles / websites / topics etc in our discussions, please find the links to these below the videos

Introduction: Bruce Vivian CA(SA)

An introduction to Bruce, his qualification, background, current role and projects

Why get into the Public Sector?

I asked Bruce why someone would choose the Public Sector (The Auditor General, or other government departments) as a career option. Also, what career opportunities and qualifications there are

Can you make a difference?

Bruce discusses some of the challenges you’ll face working in the Public Sector, and whether someone can actually make a difference.

How different is it from the Private Sector?

Bruce explains some of the differences between Accounting and Auditing in the Public Sector and the Private Sector. From Accounting Standards and reporting, to Auditing processes and professional skills required.

Should our studies include more exposure to the Public Sector?

Bruce discusses whether there are specific qualifications for Accounting in the Public Sector, and whether our syllabii and quals should include more exposure to this.

Can you start Articles while you’re studying?

I asked Bruce whether you can apply for articles while you’re still busy with your degree or CTA. He also discusses some reasons that more skills are needed in the Public Sector.

What interesting stuff is going on?

I asked him to share some interesting developments, projects and current topical issues going on the Public Sector that most of us probably don’t know about!

Are government employees ‘uneducated’?

I think we’ve all heard that a lot of staff in the Public Sector are ‘uneducated’. I asked for his comments on this.

What should we explore further?

Bruce is really passionate about his field and profession. I asked him to tell us some stuff that we should explore and research about what’s going on in the world of Public Accounting and Auditing!

Links to information discussed in our chat

Here are some links to the topics / websites etc that Bruce mentions:


Other links discussed:

Leave a comment about other Public Sector stuff you’d like us to discuss

Leave a reply (bottom of the page), if there’s anything you’d like us to go into more details on, or other Public Sector topics you’d like us to chat about!

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  1. Good day,
    I don’t have any questions per say, I believe sufficient information was provided all your questions tackled a lot issues (thank you for the links as well, the African Professionalisation Initiative video definitely brings it all together) but I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and Mr. Bruce Vivian for your time. I will definitely be quoting him in every motivational letter and interview within the near future. I have personally struggled with finding a “purpose&passion” within this field and I am eternally grateful for opening up my mind and heart again to the possibilities out there.

    Thank you once more and keep empowering others as well.

    • Hi Katlego,
      Thanks so much for your comment πŸ™‚ I will pass onto Bruce.
      We often find purpose in places we didn’t expect. And our purpose can change and adapt as we grow, change and are exposed to more information and more of the world. For students still studying, ‘purpose’ is a tough one to nail down. πŸ™‚ Passion is about the energy that you put into your day, and your work and studies. And sometimes that passion comes from thinking “I don’t know what’s next, I don’t know what my dream job will be, but I want to be the best I can be so that I’m ready and able to attack any exciting opportunities that come my way πŸ™‚ When your dream job is placed in front of you, it’s too late then to ‘start preparing’ ourselves. We need to work, and struggle, and strive, and give our everything to make sure that we’re best-placed to take advantage of whatever happens πŸ™‚

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