KC Rottok Chesaina – ‘Masters of Money’ – Behind-the-Scenes of the book

‘Masters of Money’. Behind-the-Scenes I chatted to KC Rottok Chesaina about his recently published book ‘Masters of Money’. You can see our chat about the book and stories in it here. I chatted to KC a few years back about his CA(SA) qualification journey, you can read that here. This discussion was a behind-the-scenes discussion,…


Yvonne chats to: Muhammed Ismail Bulbulia CA(SA) – Challenges of Studying

Who is Muhammed Ismail, what did we chat about? Muhammed Ismail is a recently qualified CA(SA) who has started his own business, myCAhub. We chatted about a LOT of stuff, so I’ve separated our discussion into a few posts. In this post, we chatted about his qualification journey, challenges that students face on this journey,…


perfectionism mindset beliefs

How does perfectionism and mindset affect students beliefs?

Accounting students have strong similarities The personality traits of all students pre-disposes them to certain thought processes, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. We often find ourselves saying that ‘students generally…’ or ‘most students…’ and a lot of lecturers indicate that students behave in similar ways.   This is not intended to box all students into the same…


are you too old with gareth olivier ca connect

Yvonne chats to: Gareth Olivier CA(SA) “Should older people start their CA qualification journey?”

“Am I too old to start?” I get emails from students all the time asking me “Am I too old to start my CA(SA) qualification journey?”. I answer this question all the time, I wrote a short article on it before as well, and I thought I’d chat to someone else for their perspective, on…


pgda bridging

Yvonne chats to: CA Connect about their July 2020 PGDA Registration

Why did I chat to Milpark, CA Connect? Milpark, CA Connect offers an online, SAICA-accredited PGDA (CTA) and Bridging programme. They’re currently taking applications for their July 2020 programmes, so I chatted to them about their programme, and some advice on how any student can put themselves in the best position to pass. PGDA /…


Are you too old to study?

Are you too old to pursue that goal? I get this question all the time. “Am I too old to study?”; “Am I too old to get this qualification?” Here’s what I want to say to you: I chatted to Gareth from CA Connect about this I thought I’d get someone else’s input for you…