Yvonne chats to: Tom Clendon – ACCA SBR Lecturer

Introduction, and why we chatted

Tom Clendon is an online lecturer, who specialises in the SBR (Strategic Business Reporting) exam for the ACCA qualification.

I chatted to him about professional qualification shifts, the challenges that our students face, and why they struggle with the things they do.

Here’s Toms’ brief background:

Have exams changed?

If you’ve read or watched ANY of my content, you’ll recognise this question! I asked Tom the same question because I want to keep getting more, broader opinions and thoughts, from different experts, qualifications, industries etc… this paints a better picture of where we are, and where we should be going.

It’s not often that Google pops up in accounting discussions!

What do accountants' clients expect?

Studying towards a professional accounting qualification means we’re going to be serving our clients. So, do we know what our clients are going to expect from us?

Are we working towards being able to help them!?

Watch this space for more of my chat with Tom!

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