Introduction, and why we chatted

Wiehann Olivier CA(SA) is a Partner and the Digital Asset Lead at Mazars.

I chatted to him because of his specialism in cryptocurrency (sorry, ‘digital assets’!). My focus in speaking to him was not so much about the actual accounting for cryptocurrency, as the experience of starting this division for his firm, and the idea of working in a specialism that didn’t exist while he was studying.

Here’s Wiehanns’ brief background and his specialism:

Digital Assets ('Cryptocurrency')

(Ok, you saw in the previous clip that Wiehann corrected me… it should be ‘Digital Assets’ not ‘cryptocurrency’… to be fair, I’m going to keep using cryptocurrency, because that’s what everyone understands.. if I use ‘digital assets’, they won’t realise what I’m referring to!)

An uncertain career

With the speed of change, there’s a good chance that your future career… doesn’t actually EXIST yet! 

This is where Wiehann finds himself. It’s uncertain, but it’s also awesome! And you can see he’s enjoying it!

Our discussion here includes the value of articles, and the need for innovation and risk-taking.

Digital Assets - Accounting and Auditing

Do studies prepare you for this industry?

Is your career more interesting than expected?!

The Auditors' Role?

Do you actually USE the Standards? (ISA's; IFRS etc)

This one’s for all my students who feel that the ISA’s and IFRS are ‘theory’ and don’t spend time understanding how it WORKS and how to USE them. 

Are they actually useful?!

What skill should they have taught you in your studies?

Advice for students?

What cryptocurrency should we invest in!?

(Come on… I HAD to ask! lol)

… and some last words of encouragement for future finance professionals.

If you can relate, or have a query...

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