Regent Business School: PGDA 2022 & Study Mindset

Regent Business School PGDA

What did we cover?

Regent Business School invited me to be a guest speaker on one of their webinars dedicated to students who are considering doing their CTA / PGDA in 2022. 

We covered:

  • Prof Stegen: Regent’s PGDA Programme for 2022 (0:00 – 11:16)
  • Yvonne: Mindset and how it impacts your studying (11:16 – 41:50)
  • Q&A Session (41:50 – end)

Regent Business School PGDA 2022

Regent offers a SAICA-accredited PGDA programme (ie: You will be eligible to write SAICA’s ITC exam after passing), and they also offer a Bridging Programme for those students who don’t quite meet the PGDA criteria.

You can see details here

Prof Stegen chatted about some of the details of their 2022 programme. If you’re considering doing CTA / PGDA, check it out:

Intro to Mindset: The CHAIR!

I provide Mindset coaching for students studying towards professional accounting qualifications. Students generally think this is about ‘motivation’… it’s SO NOT! Let me explain why your mindset is SO important to your studying.

Why do we care about The Chair?

What causes this?

How will future changes impact your studies?

When you think about what the profession expects you to be able to do, what your clients expect from you… and you compare the way you’re studying… will it get you there?

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Your studying will increasingly be challenging. In most cases, it’s not the TYPE of challenges we’re expecting. We need TOOLS to deal with this. Motivation is short-lived, that won’t drive you to success. You need TOOLS to be able to deal with The Chair!

Q&A Session

Thanks to Regent Business School for the opportunity to join this webinar. I look forward to more of their webinars aimed to empower students.

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