Yvonne chats to: MyCAhub

What is MyCAhub?

Muhammed Ismail has started his own business, myCAhub. We chatted about a LOT of stuff, so I’ve separated our discussion into a few posts.

In this post, we chat about his business, what it looks like, what it does, and how it helps SAICA CA(SA)’s

We’ve had two other chats so far, you can see them here:

  • Part 1 where we chatted about his qualification journey and study challenges for accounting students.
  • Part 2 where we chatted about accountants and entrepreneurship

SAICA CPD Solution

SAICA’s new CPD policy is designed to ensure that Chartered Accountants are able to meet the needs of society and all stakeholders in terms of their knowledge and competencies. 

Muhammed Ismail introduces his business for us


You can see details about
SAICA’s CPD policy here.


What is CPD?

For those who are still studying, and haven’t come across this yet 🙂

SAICA CPD and new approaches

SAICA have recently changed their CPD requirements. 

How does MyCAhub help CA(SA)'s?

Muhammed Ismail takes us through the steps in the CPD requirement process, and we look at how MyCAhub is designed to help make the process easier for CA(SA)’s

For reference, you can see SAICA’s Reflective Plan Template

It indicates the 3 phases that MyCAhub has been designed to take you through.

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