Yvonne chats to: Muhammed Ismail Bulbulia CA(SA) – Accountants & Entrepreneurship

We want more entrepreneurial accountants!

Muhammed Ismail is a recently qualified CA(SA) who has started his own business, myCAhub. We chatted about a LOT of stuff, so I’ve separated our discussion into a few posts.

In this post, we chatted about entrepreneurship, and some specific challenges and opportunities related to accounting professionals, based on our own experiences and lessons we’ve learnt. 

You can see the first part of our chat here, where we chatted about his qualification journey and study challenges for accounting students.

Stereotypes and Opportunities

(This first little clip was also in the end of the last post… if it feels like a duplicate, it is… but I felt this little part was important to hear!)

I HATE the stereotypes that people have in mind about accountants… let’s get rid of that!

How do we SEE opportunities?

Opportunities and luck?!

Opportunities = Luck + Preparation

Rejection = Failure?!

We struggle when we fail tests, questions, don’t understand or ‘get’ stuff in class… how does that translate into our ability to deal with and face rejection as an entrepreneur!?


To be fair, not many of us LOVE change… but this is a constant component of entrepreneurship!

Critical Skills

We need to be great at LEARNING!

Back to Mindset!

Ok.. by now you should know this is one of my favourite topics… why is it relevant for entrepreneurs!? And some great examples of how this looks 🙂

Why entrepreneurship!?

We chatted about why Muhammed Ismail chose entrepreneurship over the corporate or practice options after qualifying.

Why entrepreneurship!?

We chatted about why Muhammed Ismail chose entrepreneurship over the corporate or practice options after qualifying.

More accounting entrepreneurs!

If you’re thinking of being an entrepreneur… be aware of the fact that the stuff you struggle with in your studies and articles, will be the same struggles you will struggle with as an entrepreneur. So work on them now!

MyCAhub... Muhammed Ismail's business

We chatted briefly about Muhammed Ismails’ business, MyCAhub (we’ll go into more detail about the business itself in the next post, I’m focussing on the entrepreneurial topics here!)

So, we chatted about how we see entrepreneurship, the ability to CREATE something without MASSIVE proposals funding etc. 

Your future is EXCITING!

It is tough to feel EXCITED about your future when you feel like you’re chained to your study desk with no hope of surfacing, and you’re drowning in tax questions… but have hope! Get excited!
I’m more excited about my career now than I ever was! Yeah, things have gone right and wrong along the way, stuff that I thought was going to be a disaster for my career, uncertainty, not knowing what may happen… but it’s really exciting!


(And yes, I have one or two little ideas I want to work on that I didn’t think I wanted to share just yet! lol)

HOW do we innovate?!

HOW do we innovate?!

What is exciting and important for you?

Identifying your interests and values is so important, and helps guide your decisions and choices along the way. We tend to wait for our passion / dream job to find us… way less likely! Go FIND it for yourself!

If you can relate, or have a query...

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