Study Coaching Quiz: How effective is your Studying?

Study Coaching assessment

I use the questions in this quiz to help assess my Study Coaching students and their study habits.

The answers help me understand where they need to focus, and the types of things they’re struggling with. 

Each of these questions have an impact on your exam performance, directly or indirectly.

what do I want from you?

Be honest about each question. No one can see the answers to the questions (not even me!)

When you answer, base your answers on what ACTUALLY happens with your studies, NOT what you plan or intend to do. Think of the past few semesters, and how things actually went, not how you WANT to study!

There are under 20 questions. It should take less than 10 minutes.

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study coaching

I help students with their study habits, mindset and exam technique. 

I help them improve the way they study by giving them study advice, give better study methods and approaches, and support them through habit changes. 

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