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Recorded Webinar

A lot of students ask me for advice about how to structure their study plans for the final exam stretch. What should they focus on? How much should they revise? What if they’re not ‘ready’ for questions, or have forgotten Test 1 topics?!

I’ve recorded a webinar I ran, to help you make the most of your study time.

Student Comments

Course Details

  • Approx 2 hours videos (See contents below)
  • Access to Step 1 of my Study Coaching programme
  • R600 (email me for EFT details)
  • Click here to see course


What did I cover?

See the course here

The videos are split into these topics:

  • What’s your CTA objective? (Newsflash: It’s not what you think it is!)
  • “What if I’m failing questions right now?”
    • You WANT to go back through theory, because you’re still failing questions, so you clearly don’t know enough. Now what?
  • Exam Strategy: Know the rules. Play the game
  • Example using Debentures
  • Student ‘chat’
    • Questions and comments from the attendees during the session
  • Your study sessions: Research method
  • You vs CTA You
  • Conclusion, objective. What’s next?

Study Coaching – Part 1

I refer to some concepts that form the basis of my Study Coaching programme, so it helps if you understand the concepts:

  • Mindset: Fixed vs Growth
  • Perfectionism
  • You vs Your Brain

Contact me:

Or, Email me for queries:

SAICA’s review of ITC Jan 2019: “What did students struggle with?”

If you’re studying CTA, note what SAICA wants you to be able to do when you write ITC, ie: what should you be able to do to pass CTA?

Then, ask yourself whether this is what you’re working on? Are you making these mistakes? If so… FIX IT!

SAICA’s review notes

Note: Pages 10 – 13

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    • Hi Tracy,
      I recorded the webinar, and have turned it into an online course… you can sign up for it now 🙂

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