ITC Skills Course

Regardless of what Board Course you choose… please watch this video!

You want to know what ‘stuff’ to focus on in your exam prep? GO TO THE SOURCE!

The video takes you through SAICA’s marking comments from the Jan 2020 ITC, to show you what SAICA is saying about what students are struggling with and what they need to focus on. As you think about your study prep… you HAVE to focus on these skills.

Does this sound like you?

How will this course help you?

Because I give you practical steps for how to approach the stuff that causes these issues and costs you marks.

This will help improve your skills with the following areas:

The ITC exam is now MOSTLY made of discussion-type questions. Candidates can no longer ignore this skill

Note that each of the above skills we’ll cover relates to HOW you do questions, and if you can improve your abilities with each of these, JUST A LITTLE, your marks for ALL your questions will improve. 

Instructors: Yvonne Starkey CA(SA)

What will this course help you with?

Your success at ITC will depend on your ability to USE any knowledge you have to solve the problem that the examiners have set for you.

How does the ITC Skills Course work?

Each skill has it’s own section, you can go through them at your own pace. 

I advise that you experiment and try each skill as you go through it. So, watch the videos, follow the steps I give you, and then try a 20 mark question using that skill. 

Move onto the next skill, but make sure you’re incorporating the last skill into the next question too. You’re layering these skills!

There is NO theory, no revision, no subject lectures or notes in this course. 

This course can be done together with other Board Courses, because I cover HOW to use your knowledge, as opposed to just covering the theory.

Student comments on the Skills approach:


YES, you can register and get started on the course work. We already have students working towards their Jan 2022 Exam

Email me:

The actual content in here is probably under 15 hours.

However, each skill needs to be practiced. I’m giving you steps to do something, you need to take my methods and try them for yourself. They may seem simple, (they ARE!), but it still takes practice to change what we’ve done in the past.

You can work through this, doing shorter questions in 2 weeks.

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