SAICA ITC Sept 2021 Deferral Board Course

SAICA has approved this board course for candidates deferring their ITC to Sep 2021

NOTE: SAICA has approved this Board Course for candidates deferring their ITC to September 2021

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Regardless of what Board Course you choose… please watch this video!


You want to know what ‘stuff’ to focus on in your exam prep? GO TO THE SOURCE!


The video takes you through SAICA’s marking comments from the Jan 2020 ITC, to show you what SAICA is saying about what students are struggling with and what they need to focus on. As you think about your study prep… you HAVE to focus on these skills.


  • What SAICA says: 0 – 25 minutes
  • How the Tabaldi ITC Board Course is designed to address SAICA’s comments: 25:00 to end

Why do I love our course?

Ok, I helped create it, so I like it, but here’s why I think you will too!

This is the first course that I feel includes ALL the elements you need for success:

  • Technical content
  • Communication and Application PRACTICAL advice (for those dreaded discussion questions!)
  • Lecturer feedback for multiple questions you’ve attempted (Yes, we CHECK your attempts and give you feedback!)
  • Study Mindset and Strategy content (Your mental space, mindset, study habits, emotional challenges and performance anxiety)


These elements cover ALL the components of your exam, from the knowledge, to the application and communication (which we so often ignore or focus on least… mostly because we don’t actually know HOW to do it!), getting guidance from lecturers on how YOU’RE doing and how to improve, and what’s going on in your head, anxieties, fears, and all those things that DO affect your studying and exams, that we don’t really address.

Having a lecturer give you feedback on YOUR ATTEMPT is so powerful.

We can give you guidance on what you need to work on, whether you’re assessing your own weaknesses correctly, how your communication and application is coming along. It has an incredibly powerful impact on the quality of students’ questions, and if we can START this as early in the course as possible, we have time to help you fix your issues. We don’t just tell you whether you’re ‘right or wrong’… we tell you WHY, and HOW to fix it! That’s incredibly rare, and I’m so excited at the impact this has on your studying.  


(Please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page for all SAICA’s requirements in terms of this deferral process)


Does this sound like you?

The ITC exam is now MOSTLY made of discussion-type questions. Candidates can no longer ignore this skill

This course is a joint creation, between Tabaldi Education, and Yvonne Starkey CA(SA)

Instructors: Yvonne Starkey CA(SA) & Tabaldi Lecturers

Note: SAICA has specific requirements that must be fulfilled in order to defer your April ITC exam to September. This course is designed to meet that criteria, and has been approved by SAICA for these purposes.

What does the September ITC Deferral Exam Course include?

What will this course help you with?

Your success at ITC will depend on your ability to USE any knowledge you have to solve the problem that the examiners have set for you.

How does the September 2021 ITC Deferral Board Course work?

After going through the Study Mindset and Study Strategy, you should have a different mindset and understanding of what you’re working towards.

  • Every Task is designed to help you with a specific skill (See the skills above). We will explain why it’s important, and give you steps and a methodology for how to work on this skill. 
  • We’ll give you a question to practice this, you’ll submit it to us and we’ll give you feedback and guidance on how to work on this skill. After this you’ll do a DIY question to ‘fix’ whatever we discussed. 
    (If you have theory / knowledge issues, you can access the PGDA syllabus to go through the videos / content on that area)
  • Then, you’ll move to the next task.
  • There are 8 skills (and 13 tasks). At the end of this, you’ll do Two sim exams, combining all these skills, which we’ll give you feedback on. This will further guide your studying and skills focus
  • We’ll run live sessions to go through updates, and tricky areas (These will be recorded)

Student comments on our ITC course:


YES, you can register and get started on the course work. 

We’re closing registration on 16 May, because this is the last week you can start this course and have the time to complete all the requirements for course completion.

If you’re a first-time candidate for the ITC exam in September, there are no requirements for you in terms of whether you do a Board Course, or which one you do. There are quite a few Board Course providers who offer different options and courses, so you’re free to shop around. 

PLEASE BE CAREFUL though! If you’re deferring your attempt from April to September, you HAVE to register for a Board Course, and SAICA only have four approved Board Courses for you to choose from. (Gauteng Board Course; Endunamoo; UCT and Tabaldi). 


Yes, you can. You will have access to all the same resources, sessions, tasks, feedback etc. 

You don’t need to have the same time-frame to complete the course, because SAICA has not laid out any requirements for you. We do not need to submit any completion reports to SAICA, and you can start the course when you want.

Speak to Helen at Tabaldi Education:

She will answer any queries you have regarding this course

SAICA is aware that one of the challenges of deferring exams is that life gets in the way. We all have a lot of obligations, work and responsibilities to deal with. So, they require approved Board Courses to design courses that require continuous engagement from you throughout the period from April to September.

As Board Course providers, we are required to submit proof of your course completion and engagement to SAICA close to the September exam, in order for you to gain entry to the exam.

Thus, we have to set out criteria for you to follow, that we believe you HAVE to complete in order to have the best chance of passing. 

In order for us to send SAICA proof that you’ve ‘completed’ our course in order to write in September, you need to have completed the following between April and September:

  • You have to submit ALL the tasks for feedback (There are 13)
  • You have to submit at least one of the two sim exams for feedback
  • You have to complete at least 70% of the Revision Course content (covering the CTA syllabus)
  • You have to have 60% attendance for the live sessions (technical updates etc; you can also watch the recordings if you can’t attend)

Please ensure you’re prepared to meet these commitments before you sign up! There are essentially 5 months (April – August), so this means about 3 task submissions per month. We have ensured the workload is reasonable.)

Yeah, we understand. Finances are a challenge. (which is why we’ve added an instalment option)

The biggest reason for this is the amount of individual lecturer interaction EACH candidate gets.

It’s a lot cheaper to distribute notes, share pre-recorded videos and even do live sessions where you’re reaching dozens of students at once. But this course also  requires us lecturers to spend time on each of your questions, one-by-one… that’s seriously time-consuming!!! Super-important for you.. but it takes time!

This course includes about 13 questions that you’ll do, and submit to us for feedback, as well as 2 Sim Exams with feedback.

You can see all the payment details here

You can pay via EFT or Credit Card, and there are instalment options as well.

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