Quick thoughts before CTA Test 1 tomorrow…

A lot of people will wish you good luck before tomorrow… I don’t want to wish you good luck, I wish you good preparation.
I hope that your hard work pays off. I hope that you feel a sense of progress, a decreased sense of fear and a little more understanding of what you’ve signed up for!

Remember that this is a marathon. This means that even though you don’t feel like you’re ready for this yet, you have to test yourself, your endurance, your study methods and approach. See this as an early assessment of all these things. No one wants to write tests so early in the year, but see it as a way of identifying as early as possible all the little (and big!) things that you might need to adjust for the rest of the academic year.

You need to work on endurance as early as possible, this is a good way to do that. Those hand cramps can be quite frustrating! Can you focus for that long?!

Is your study method appropriate for each of your subjects? Are you making progress (even just a little!?)

Please keep in mind that the outcome for these tests does NOT have to be a representation of the rest of the year, or your final marks. You are probably a perfectionist… but this is the first hurdle, not the last. Use this one to prepare for the next one!

Don’t study too much today… you need to be fresh for tomorrow!
Thinking of you guys!

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