Most of us are bombarded with motivational posters, quotes and pictures through various forms of social media, e-mail and well-meaning family and friends. By the time we’ve seen the hundredth poster, it does tend to lose it’s ability to move us.

Motivation needs to come from the inside. No amount of inspiring quotes can replace that desire that comes from inside you, pushing you to work harder for a better future, to achieve something, to change the world, your world, your life.

Why do you want this? Why does your journey mean so much to you? What are you trying to achieve? Have you articulated this for yourself?

The clearer you make your vision of what you want your future to be, the closer you’re likely to get to it. When times get tougher, you have something tangible to hold on to.

If you haven’t created a vision for yourself, perhaps it’s time to sit for a while and ask yourself what you want your life to look like, how you think you’ll get there, and more importantly… what are you prepared to do to get there? What sacrifices will you make? What will you not compromise?

Motivational posters may make us feel warm and fuzzy for a while, but a true sense of purpose can rarely be squeezed into a cute little picture!

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  1. I so needed that motivation to have that vision, because it does tend to get a bit tedious when one is sent those motivational poster, bordering on patronising! lol. It is clear that I should have a vision and a mission of getting there, cause what is the point of going somewhere where you do not even have directions to!

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