friendship-quotes-pics1Your Accounting exams are a thing of the past (for now anyway!) and you’re anxiously awaiting the outcome of your efforts. It’s yet another stressful time to add to the already stressful year!

In this time of suspense and debating over whether you did enough to make it through successfully, there are a few things you might think about that may help finish off the year more positively, and set up the new year in a more positive light as well.

Have you said “Thank You”?

These little words can mean so much to all of us, and yet we’re often quick to forget about them under the stress we face.

Your Accounting support group, family, significant other, friends, work colleagues, even study buddies. They have supported you (financially or otherwise), encouraged you, motivated you, listened to your frustrations (sometimes without really understanding what you’re frustrated about!). In a lot of cases, they may have put their own needs second to yours. They may have held back some of their challenges, frustrations, emotions and stresses from you, in order to allow you the mental space to focus on your studies, this massive venture you’ve taken on.

If they’ve done this, or tried to do this for you, don’t take that for granted! It’s a sacrifice that they have made for a choice that you’ve made.

All this can make for very one-sided relationships, and although it is necessary to get through the year, it can turn us into rather self-absorbed people. Say THANK YOU!

Are you a little impatient with others?

Do you find yourself getting impatient with people when they talk about their work? Life? Relationships? The little things that make their life what it is? Do you wish they’d get to the point a little faster? Wish they wouldn’t waste your time with irrelevant stories?

We may not want to admit these things, but I think we’ve all been there. Our studies and issues feel so enormous, and we invest so much time and energy in our ‘stuff’, that we don’t have time and energy for very much else.

Impatience, however, is a sign of disrespect to others. As understandable as all your emotions are, why are your challenges more ‘important’ than other peoples? By not allowing others the time to share their life, stresses and stories with you, you’re sending them the message that their life is not as important as yours. This can ruin relationships, and it’s also not fair to people around you!

While you’re not studying, force yourself to shift the balance between how much you talk and how much you listen to other people, especially your Accounting support group. Make sure you give as much as you can before the new semester starts… because you know you’ll probably be ‘taking’ a lot more!

Plan your ‘mental’ approach for the next year

Sure, you don’t want to see another calculation, piece of theory, or question again! That’s fine!

But, it’s a smart idea to take a look ‘behind-the-scenes’ at your headspace, habits, mental prep that got you here. Do you want to change anything? Do you need to? Will your mindset and habits get you through a higher level of studies?

I’ve created an online course on Mental Prep for Accounting Students. It’s such a good idea to think about and adjust habits and develop a stronger growth mindset before those next load of textbooks land on your desk!

Research your chosen career a little more

We study so that we can further our career, but we can often lose ourselves so far in the studies that we forget how exciting our career options can be! Without the stress of studying weighing you down, take some time to get excited about your career choice again!

For those of you studying a professional qualification, it opens up your future options in a very exciting way. Your skills can take you far beyond Accountant or Auditor, and even more exciting… those skills are globally desirable!

Entrepreneurship, corporate finance, tax work, banking, public practice, commerce, education. There is a demand for your skills in almost every industry, from entertainment to mining, farming to fashion. Don’t limit yourself to the stereotype of ‘grey suit, no personality’! You’re far more interesting than that!

Get excited again, get connected with friends and family! You’ll feel so much more refreshed and motivated for the new semester!

And of course… Good Luck for those results!

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