If you’re going to do an accounting training contract in the future

Online Course

Course duration: 3 hours
Cost: R450 (Launch price until November 2018)
You can see the course outline, details, preview videos, on the course site.

(Please note: If you’re paying via EFT, or want to register for more than one candidate, please email me: yvonne@accountingstudyadvice.com)

Why have I created this?

I deal with accounting students, SAICA trainee clerks and SAICA training firms all the time. I understand all sides of the table, and I can see the challenges all of these parties face (and remember… I’ve been there too!)
As with everything I do… my motto is to prevent others from saying “I wish someone told me that!”

Here’s what I hear from the two sides of the table:

New SAICA article clerks
I get queries all the time from students doing their accounting training contract, asking whether they’re getting what they ‘should’ be getting from their firm; not understanding why their firm is doing things a certain way; feeling that their firm doesn’t understand their needs.

I talk to firms all the the time who express frustration that the stuff they take for granted that article clerks should ‘know’… they just don’t seem to ‘get’!
“Why don’t trainees understand…?”
The more that trainees understand what these things are… the better the working relationship will be

I’ve creating an online course to go through these common ‘expectation gaps’… so that trainees can go through some of the ‘realities’ way before they walk in the door! Knowledge is power!

(NOTE: I consulted with a number of training managers at SAICA training firms to get their input on what to include in these discussions. The course represents practicalities from training manager’s perspectives)

Introduction Video

Who should do this course?

‘Future’ trainee clerks… looking for training contracts

  • Going into interviews with this type of knowledge is very powerful. Knowing what firms expect from their trainees means that you can discuss these things and your knowledge of them in interviews. The firms will realise that you’re more aware of their expectations
  • You can put this course on your CV. The outline, course contents etc is on the site, so you can refer them to the site, and include the contents and course in your CV.

Trainees signed for 2020

  • If you’re signed with a firm to start in 2019, this course will give you a great perspective, and edge over those around you. You’ll have a greater awareness of what your firm wants for you. Firms can pick this up very quickly. It will save you time and effort in training (Most firms will give you training… but they may not cover all this… and knowing it in advance is powerful)

Trainees signed for later than 2020

  • It’s never too soon to understand and be aware of what your article experience will look like, what your firm expects from you

Online Course

Course duration: 3 hours
Cost: R450
You can see the course outline, details, preview videos, on the course site.
Sign up for it there.

What this course is NOT…

SAICA training contract details

  • This is not about your SAICA contracts (ie: Elective, residual competencies and SAICA’s expectations of your contract

CV and Interview course

  • I am not covering HOW to put your CV together, what they’ll ask you in interviews, or where to find article positions.
  • The knowledge and awareness of these topics are valuable… and you can definitely put it into your CV, discuss it in interviews.

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