For those of you studying Accounting at UNISA, and who’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I try to give you information, motivation and guidance that’s relevant to you. I’ve got loads of experience, great lecturers on our team, thousands of students I’ve taught and talked to over the years… but more information is always better for me. The more I know about you.. the more I can make sure I can give you what you need!

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  1. I am struggling with MAC 2601 and failed it 3 times. I do not get enough support from the University

  2. Hi Yvonne, I’m still waiting for that email to say you guys are now offering aaaall the 3rd year modules, aaand that payment plan. I’m sooo excited now that there’s gonna be support for CTAs. I’m sooo gonna be a Tabaldi baby

    • Hi there!
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond… my blog wouldn’t let me in to edit it for a few weeks! (I should’ve done an IT degree!)

      Alrighty… so the news for you is good 🙂 We do have the instalment plan for 2018… YAY! (We are planning to start sales next week… so you can get a bit of a headstart, and pay 2017 prices 😉

      For your third year modules… the only ones we’re still working on are TAX3702 and MAC 3702. If you’re starting your third year in the first semester, you’ll only be doing these in the second semester… so I think you’re all good to go!

      I’m super excited to have you on board 🙂 I love your energy and enthusiasm! 🙂

  3. Managed to finally pass my CTA after 5 attempts 1 x CTA 1, 1 x Monash, 3 x UNISA CTA 2). One of the most important pieces of advice that I got a long the way was, “Move the F*** on”. It helped e relook at my exam technique and improved my marks greatly over the years. Still took time but finally made it this year!

    Thanks for the advice Yvonne!

    • Such a pleasure!
      It’s such a SMALL little phrase, but it’s seriously tough to do! It’s amazing how it often takes more practice to NOT do something, than to do it 🙂

      Congratulations!! Wow… you’ve shown some serious determination. That’s inspiring. I have a lot of students who worry that if they don’t make it after one or two attempts, it’s going to mean they’ll never make it… your story is very motivating for them. I realise it must have been a horrible journey for you… I really respect you perseverance.

      May your future career be awesome! Good luck with ITC!

  4. Hi Yvonne,

    I have read your route to becoming a CA. It was truly inspirational. Well done.

    I have completed my BCompt degree at UNISA May/June 2020 exams awaiting graduation.

    I had a setback emotionally because of my divorce. But I came back strong passing all my final year subjects firsts time. Mac3701 Mac3702, Aue3701, Aue3702, Fac3701, Fac3703, Fac3704, Tax3701,Tax3702 only Fsc3702 over 2 semesters.

    I am contemplating going either the CA route or CIMA route as I have experience in cost accounting and operations. I would love to have the CA title behind my name.

    From your experience which would be a quicker route? Honestly I love cost accounting but also the passion to complete what I have started.

    • Hi hi,
      If CA(SA) is your main goal, then follow the CA route.
      You can follow the CIMA route and then ‘bridge’ to CA, but for you, that will be a MUCH longer route. You need to be a fully-qualified CGMA. That’ all the studying, and the work experience. Then you’ll be eligible to write ITC (SAICA’s First Board exam). Thus far, there have been very few CIMA grads who’ve managed to pass the ITC, especially not on their first attempt.
      This is because they haven’t done CTA / PGDA first. What people don’t realise is that your PGDA (CTA) is basically a glorified ITC Board course. It’s designed to prepare you for that board exam. Yeah, it’s hectic… but that’s what you need to be able to do for your board exam, and so it’s designed to give you all the info, skills etc, in a short space of time, so that you can pass ITC.

      If you follow the CA path, you can do CTA in 2021, ITC in 2022, APC in 2023, and that’s the end of your studies, you’ll finish articles in 2024, and then you’re done! (assuming you start articles in 2021). The CIMA route will be a lot longer than that.

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