“Adulting”… Am I right?!

We all know the exhaustion we feel about EVERYTHING that’s going on in our lives… and if you’re a student… that’s just ONE more BIG thing to ‘adult’. 

SO SO MANY student queries I have dealt with over the years I’ve lectured (and my own issues when I studied!), somehow, in some way, come down to us, and the way we DON’T do what we KNOW we need to do to get over that hurdle.

We are SO good at making ‘valid reasons’ about why we’re not doing these things… time, energy, stress, comfort eating, comfort zones…

Spoiler alert… We will never get what we want if we don’t get our our comfort zones. For you as a student… that means putting pen to paper when you don’t feel like it, studying when you’re tired, leaving the distractions (Facebook, social media, your phone), doing the hard questions, asking questions when you don’t know something… 

I love this video from Mel Robbins… there’s SO much of me in here!

Note: Of course I realise the contradiction between telling you to leave distractions, and then send you to YouTube! But I think it might be just that important for you to hear right now!



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