How do you answer “Discussion Questions”?

So many students struggle with answering discussion questions in exams. Let’s see if I can help a little. Whether you’re in undergrad, or CTA… this will help.

Why are these questions so important?

Forget your studies for a moment… You’re qualified, and you charge your clients R1 000 an hour for your time. They’ve asked you to give them a report for some advice (eg: Asset values, transaction recognition, IFRS opinions, finance options, compliance advice etc). This will require you to write a report with a discussion to answer their questions and address their issues. 
Now… look at some of your answers to discussion questions… would YOU pay you R1 000 an hour for the type of discussion you’ve written? Would you give that over as your ‘report’ to your client?
If your answer is no… then where do you think you’re going to learn this skill? Who is going to teach you how to write these types of reports relating to this level of technical information?

THAT’S why these questions are so important. They’re setting you up for your professional career. It’s not just meaningless torture!

How can I help you?

I recorded a video for one of my online auditing courses to help our students with this skill.
Perhaps it can help you…


These are questions that you’ll see more and more of. You need to get more comfortable with this form of communication. This will also help you gather more marks for each point you identify. 

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