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We don’t always realise that our actions and what we do are governed by our beliefs about ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. 

When I coach students and younger professionals, they often identify their challenges as “I’m not DOING something”. (Studying, working etc). They want me to help their behaviour.
When we talk more about it, we find that they struggle to DO the thing, because they’re afraid of something. Looking bad, failing, disappointing people or themselves, are some common fears. In order to change their behaviour, we generally need to work on their internal beliefs about themselves.

I was fortunate enough to have Tim as my performance coach a few years back. I would love all the people I work with to get the same value and benefits that I did.

He’s written a book, “Game Changer Protocol”, which I believe is really valuable. I had a chat to him about why he wrote it, what it’s for, what it can help people with, who it can help, and my experience with these challenges and what I’ve learnt.

Talking points in the video

Here’s a breakdown of the stuff we discussed, and the time in the video, so you can see all the things we chatted about!

  • 0:43 Introducing the book
  • 2:25 External validation – Do you keep your internal sense of value when things go wrong? Do you connect your sense of value to external stuff?

  • 4:24 Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability (link)
  • 5:05 “I am enough” – An internal belief we struggle with. How do we change this?
  • 7:28 Motivational stuff didn’t help me as much. I needed practical tools
  • 9:17 How do I change? Tim’s Scanning tool
  • 11:45 Is this only for people who aren’t coping, or are REALLY broken?
  • 14:06 The definition of “I am enough”
  • 15:09 The different categories / levels of behaviour of people who struggle with this
  • 21:06 People don’t realise how this stuff impacts them, their lives, decisions and behaviour
  • 23:45 Here’s how emotions work
  • 27:11 A lot of us need to update our beliefs about ourselves. Eg: We still feel scared, even though we’ve achieved so much.
  • 29:04 Emotions are PHYSICAL!
  • 35:06 Tim’s online course
  • 40:16 These challenges are like the brakes on a car!

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