Winning = Failing forwards

The higher the level you study at, the harder the work, the more likely you may fail something. Learning how to deal with that failure is not easy.

For those who are doing, or may do CTA… watch this video about how I felt as a student about failing, and how I now feel as a lecturer.

Mindset Carol Dweck

Mindset – Carol Dweck

This book was life-changing for me.
Our mindset affects everything we do.
I SERIOUSLY suggest you read this book when you’re studying, and as you’re working on your career.
(Click here to buy online from… they deliver)

Do you struggle with failure?

Just like learning a technical skill… learning how to deal with failure takes thought, and application. It’s easier said than done… but you’re not going to g through life passing EVERYTHING… somewhere… you’re going to get something wrong… how will you deal with it?

No one likes to fail. It’s a part of life, though. You don’t grow if you don’t fail at something. If you really struggle with this (and you are SO not alone here!), you may struggle with a Fixed Mindset. This is really important to be aware of. Not only for your studies, but for your career.

ACCA has stated that a Growth Mindset is an important component in the skillset of future accounting professionals. Now is a good time to start thinking about how you deal with all this!

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