Your results are out! Now what?!

Your academic year ends when your results are finally released, but that doesn’t mean your focus on your studies should stop completely!

So what should you do / think about to mentally prepare for your next set of studies?

  1. How much time do you REALLY have for your Accounting studies?

I see this all the time. An undergraduate student will take seven modules a semester, fail five of them, then complain that they’ll never pass.

If you can’t get through the work for seven modules. DON’T register for seven modules! How will you know whether you can cope with it? The best indicator of the future… is the past. How much could you get through this last year. If you couldn’t do it this year, what makes you think you’ll do it next year.

Be honest with yourself about your family, work and life commitments, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure, and that’s soul-destroying.

  1. What habits do you need to change?

If you feel that you SHOULD be able to do more, improve your studies, then how do you plan to achieve this? What can you do differently? Again, you need to be very honest with yourself here. Don’t be so quick to blame others if things haven’t gone right. (Eg: Don’t blame a hectic exam timetable… you knew the exam dates the day you registered, so why did you leave the studying to the last minute?!) It’s easy to come up with excuses… but excuses aren’t going to get you your degree. Find a way to fix what you’ve struggled with!!!

This can be anything from a study method, to how you deal with family, friends and social events during the semester. Make an active decision about how you plan to change this, so you don’t get lost in the content before you’ve actually changed what you need to. I’ve created a course to help students identify and work on these habits, take a look 😉

  1. Do you know what resources you’ll need?

Identify what resources you’ll need for your next set of studies.

Consider the time, support, textbooks, money, tools (ie: calculators, computers, internet access etc) you’ll need in advance, so you don’t sabotage your chances by not having the tools you need to do your best. Don’t wait until the last minute, then get shocked by what you need.

Forewarned is forearmed. Allow yourself the time to plan, beg, steal or borrow what you need!

(I’m kidding about the ‘stealing’ part…!!)

  1. Can you change your mindset and attitude about subjects you really don’t like?

This is about your mindset. No matter how much you love your chosen degree, there will always be those subjects you hate, or really don’t do well in.

Spend some time thinking about how you can remove the mental block about that subject, talk to someone positive about it. (Stay away from negative people!!). Think about the value of the information within the subject. You may hate the content, but make sure you understand why you’ll need it for your career.

You need to mentally prepare yourself for the next level of Accounting studies.

  1. Are you still on the right path for your future?

Don’t hold onto your studying as the answer to all your future and financial problems without consciously thinking about the path you’re on, and why you feel that your studies will get you to your goal.

Look back at the year, your subjects, your degree, your chosen career, and make sure you still want the same things. Goals DO change, as you change. Allow yourself the space to consider whether this has changed for you. If it has… honestly consider where you actually want to be, and how to get there. If it hasn’t… then you’ve cemented the reason you’re doing this, which increases self-motivation for yourself for the next year!

One of the keys to your success is planning. Think ahead and take away as many potential obstacles before they even arise!


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