Study Strategy & Mindset app – Full Course




Most students start by asking me how they can improve their focus, procrastination, time management and the speed at which they go through their syllabus and topics. They want the ‘fixes’ for their study challenges.


These challenges, however, are ‘symptoms’ of an underlying issue. The app focusses on helping you understand these issues, where they come from, how it impacts our studying, and very importantly, how to change them.


Without understanding this, you will make awesome study plans, and keep doing exactly the same stuff, because you don’t know WHY you’re making the unconscious choices EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


If you can relate to some or all of the above challenges, than this app is definitely for you!


  • Your Study Strategy – Why does it need to change, and how do you change it?
  • Your Mindset – How it affects your studying and exam performance and how to change it
  • Perfectionism – How it affects your studying and how to change it
  • Your Study Habits – How to change them to be more effective
  • Your Emotions and Anxiety – Why you feel this way, and how to improve your anxiety