Study Mindset Course


Most students start by asking me how they can improve their focus, time management and the speed at which they go through their syllabus and topics. They want the ‘fixes’ for their study challenges.

These challenges, however, are ‘symptoms’ of an underlying issue. These videos focus on discussing these underlying issues, where they come from, and very importantly, how it impacts our studying.

Once you understand WHY you study the way you do, why you feel this way, we can talk about how to change and improve this.

Without understanding this, you will make awesome study plans, and keep doing exactly the same stuff, because you don’t know WHY you’re making the unconscious choices EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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Does this sound like you?

  • My studying isn’t as effective anymore
  • I used to do ok when I studied, but now I can’t get decent results no matter what I do
  • My studying stresses me out so much that it affects me every day
  • I’m worried that I’m not smart enough to pass this. Perhaps I chose the wrong career
  • I can never seem to finish the syllabus or stick to my study plans
  • I KNOW I should do more questions, but I just never get to them
  • I’m worried that I’ll never get this right. I can’t see how to improve my marks

Questions this course will answer:

  • Why aren’t your study habits working anymore?
  • How did your studying at school affect your studying today?
  • How does your personality impact your studying?
  • Why are you so uncomfortable with doing questions?
  • Why are you so worried about what other people think?
  • Why are you so stressed out by your studying?
  • Why do the questions feel SO different from how they used to be?