Study Strategy & Mindset App (6 months + Free One-on-One Session)

$77 for 6 months

You’ll get access to 6 months of the Study Strategy, Skills & Mindset mobile app, the in-app messaging function, and a one-on-one session with me to help apply and guide your studying and advise on study challenges you have.

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How will it work?

Once you’ve paid, you’ll get information on how to download your app and get started. Once you’re on the app, I’ll send you a message with a link for you to book your one-on-one session, and we can schedule your one-on-one for when it suits you.

You’ll get content sent to your app on a daily basis. It’ll take about 10 minutes to work through, and will not ADD to your studying… it will help CHANGE the way you’re studying and improve it. 

Why 6 months?

When we change habits, we need time to understand what we need to change, why, and HOW. And obviously, we need the time to actually MAKE those changes and work with them on a daily basis. Change is tough, and we can’t pick a new habit off a shelf, take it home and expect that you’re comfortably going to ‘have’ a new habit. They’re tough, uncomfortable, and we sometimes fail at these changes.

Do you NEED to change your study habits? 

95% of my students at higher levels need a significant change in their study habits. If you’re not sure whether this applies to you, perhaps download the free 14 day version of the app. We’ll cover why we need to make changes in the first week. That may help you understand whether that applies to you.