Study Coaching Courses

ITC Skills Course

Regardless of what Board Course you choose… please watch this video! You want to know what ‘stuff’ to focus on in your exam prep? GO TO THE SOURCE! The video takes you through SAICA’s marking comments from the Jan 2020 ITC, to show you what SAICA is saying about what students are struggling with and…


I’ve lectured Auditing and Accounting for students at all levels, for over a decade. What are the most common reasons that students struggle? Spoiler: It’s NOT their Auditing and Accounting knowledge!

As students move higher in their studies, I’ve watched them struggle with studying, and they doubt their intelligence and career choice. This is really difficult for students, and I’ve been there, so I really understand.

After a lot of research, mentoring, teaching and guiding students, I created the Study Coaching Courses to help students understand WHY they struggle so much. I focus a lot on mindset, (Fixed vs Growth), personality and habits. 

For most students who’ve gone through these courses, they’ve been eye-opening and life-changing.