Survey… and a chance to win!

Tell me about your study challenges… I’m always working to provide better support, insight and advice to students on their professional accounting qualification journey. The more info I have from more students, the better I can do this. Thus, I’ve created a survey for you to complete. Details: Approx 12 Minutes I will NOT share…


perfectionism mindset beliefs

How does perfectionism and mindset affect students beliefs?

Accounting students have strong similarities The personality traits of all students pre-disposes them to certain thought processes, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. We often find ourselves saying that ‘students generally…’ or ‘most students…’ and a lot of lecturers indicate that students behave in similar ways.   This is not intended to box all students into the same…


The Perfectionist Student

Perfectionism: use it? or lose it? A lot of people believe that perfectionists make the best students. They have drive, ambition and a desire to achieve. surely this would make them excellent students? Take a look at this video from my Study Coaching Programme, in which I explain why perfectionism can make studying tougher: Did…


James Perry CA

Insights: James Perry CA

Who is James Perry? James Perry, is a Chartered Accountant, and one of Northern Ireland’s Top 40 Under 40. He’s the owner of, a unique business coaching Accounting Students on mindset, motivation, study & exam techniques. He has successfully coached over 80 people globally including Jamaica, India, Zimbabwe & New Zealand. Holding a First Class…


Your basic Accounting knowledge should be like making coffee

I’ve lectured accounting students for years, and I feel that students don’t REALLY understand their basic Accounting knowledge. Do accounting students know their ‘basics’? EVERY SINGLE Accounting lecturer I’ve ever spoken to (from first year to CTA) says that students generally fail because their basic knowledge isn’t great. I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard…