Survey… and a chance to win!

Tell me about your study challenges… I’m always working to provide better support, insight and advice to students on their professional accounting qualification journey. The more info I have from more students, the better I can do this. Thus, I’ve created a survey for you to complete. Details: Approx 12 Minutes I will NOT share…


perfectionism mindset beliefs

How does perfectionism and mindset affect students beliefs?

Accounting students have strong similarities The personality traits of all students pre-disposes them to certain thought processes, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. We often find ourselves saying that ‘students generally…’ or ‘most students…’ and a lot of lecturers indicate that students behave in similar ways.   This is not intended to box all students into the same…


The Perfectionist Student

Perfectionism: use it? or lose it? A lot of people believe that perfectionists make the best students. They have drive, ambition and a desire to achieve. surely this would make them excellent students? Take a look at this video from my Study Coaching Programme, in which I explain why perfectionism can make studying tougher: Did…


James Perry CA

Insights: James Perry CA

Who is James Perry? James Perry, is a Chartered Accountant, and one of Northern Ireland’s Top 40 Under 40. He’s the owner of, a unique business coaching Accounting Students on mindset, motivation, study & exam techniques. He has successfully coached over 80 people globally including Jamaica, India, Zimbabwe & New Zealand. Holding a First Class…