What do I do for my students?


Guidance, advice and improvements to your study habits, mindset and emotions. How to get the most out of every study session

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Like a personal trainer, I help you keep track of your progress and expect you to give me feedback on what you’re doing, and how.

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We communicate constantly, so you’re not alone. I’m here for you, as you need advice, support, motivation and some ‘nagging’!

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What do I do for my students?


I give you access to online videos explaining things that affect your studies, identify habits you need to change, and help you change them.

In our emails, you and I will discuss how you can work with them and use them.

Concepts we’ll cover (amongst others):

Watch the previews, and check out the full list of videos in the online course

You give me feedback on these WEEKLY:

  • Study Plans, and what you actually did
  • Questions you’ve done
  • How you’re feeling
  • Your time management
  • What you’re struggling to apply


Think of me as a personal trainer for your studies.
When creating new habits, and are under stress, being accountable to someone else helps us work consistently.
You know I am waiting to hear from you.


Via online sessions and emails, we keep in touch constantly. This allows me to advise you based on where you are, how you feel, and what you’re struggling with

What we’ll discuss:

  • I can ‘nag’ you to stick to your plans when you’re making excuses
  • Advice can seem simple, until you apply it. Once you’ve tried it, we can discuss it
  • What else is impacting your studying? Emotions, obligations, failure
  • Alternative solutions


/ month

  • R1 150
  • Online Course
  • Accountability
  • Regular communication

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Full Two Month

/ two months

  • R2 050 (or two payments of R1 100)
  • Online Course
  • Accountability
  • Regular communication
  • Two payments of R1 300

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One-on-one Sessions

/ hour

  • R450
  • Web call (Zoom or Skype)
  • Recording of the session

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