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You know, or you’ve heard that higher levels requires a lot of mental strength, that it’s a ‘mind game’. But most students I talk to aren’t really aware of what that means for them practically. They think this means “I’ll have to work harder.”. (Newsflash… it doesn’t! It means you have to work DIFFERENTLY. VERY differently.)
This session allows us to chat about your study challenges, habits, approaches etc. Based on this, I’ll give you stuff to think about in terms of your prep and study approach.
We’ll talk about what you need to change, both in your thinking and mental approach. We want to give you a positive, strategic approach that allows you to approach your studies with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose and hope. I’ll also give you some stuff to read, watch and think about. It’s important that you understand what’s causing your stress and anxiety. We’ll talk a bit about your study habits. We won’t spend too much time on this, because you can only change your habits if you change your mindshift, and that’s the most important thing. But we will discuss how your mindset affects what you choose to study and how you choose to study EVERY DAY! Ie: this is a not a ‘feel good’, motivational discussion that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy without a practical tool.