Please check the Frequently Asked Questions Below Before Getting In Touch

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please note that I NEVER give my number out. I work via email, please respect that.

This may sound rude, but just imagine how many students there are out there who want information about their studies / careers / qualification struggles on a daily basis! Not to mention the stressed students who contact me a few days before exams at all hours of the day and night!

I don’t like giving opinions on what universities will do with your registration. There’s generally a lot more information to take into account about your past studies, quals etc. I can’t make decisions on their behalf, and I’d HATE to be the reason you expect one thing and get another. Rather go to the source!

Since this is the one I get the most, here are UNISA’s requirement details:

UNISA link for undergrad
UNISA link for post-grad

If you want to do PGDA, and want to do a bridging course, or are not sure whether you qualify for either, you can contact Milpark CA Connect. They have an online bridging and PGDA programme, and will give you entry info

Sorry, I know that this process is challenging, and it would be great to have someone who can help you find the right fit for you.

I can’t help you, I do not have access to recruitment agents, firm recruitment departments, and I can’t spend time trying to place / connect students with firms.

You’re going to need to do more online research. Find recruitment agents, look on LinkedIn, or go to SAICA’s website and search for firms to contact directly.

I totally understand the challenges of studying, financially and otherwise. However, I also need to pay bills and pay for cat food!

I provide an immense amount of insight, information and advice for free on all the platforms I use. Please go through these.

Please respect my time and limited resources.

I offer Study Coaching on a one-on-one basis.

I deal with hundreds of students every week, all of them needing help.

I cannot mentor students for free. It is immensely time-consuming, there is a lot of emotional investment. I provide a lot of free insight, information and motivation on my platforms, please refer to these.

There are a LOT of considerations that should go into this decision. Please don’t send me a few paragraphs and expect me to unlock the secrets of future success by choosing the perfect career for you.

Your personality, inclinations, work and study experience, abilities, financial and life circumstances, past studying and MANY more components factor into this type of decision. I cannot make that decision for you.

I have some videos on YouTube discussing stuff that you should consider as you think about it. Please start there.

Get In Touch:

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