Free Webinar - Study Advice for CTA / PGDA

You’re writing Test 1 soon…

Of course you’re not ‘ready’. 
Of course you’re feeling behind
Of course you’re stressing
Of course you’re struggling to squeeze in work and studies (and time to panic about it all!)
(And SOME of you might already be thinking you made some bad life choices in deciding to study this)

Join me as I discuss some practical tools to help you Take Control of this

Let’s get you back in control!


Date: 4 March 2024

Time: 18:00 – 19:30 SAST

But it's too close to Test 1 to help...

Yeah, I know that you feel like the BEST thing you can be doing with your time is grinding away at those topics. The more you know, the better you’ll do… right?!

Ok, first… you KNOW you’re not going to get to everything (spoiler alert). So, we need to make sure you’re in control of WHAT you’re prioritising, and what you’re compromising on. This is super-practical and can help you save time from straight after our session. 

Stress costs marks. 
Feels a little weird, because you’re used to bulldozing through your stress and forcing it all. You’ll say things like “I lost 10 marks in the Deferred Tax question…” but WHY did you lose them? Misreading the question? Panicking? Taking too long to settle and THINK about it? Start off on the wrong track and realise too late? Silly mistakes? A LOT of these are caused by stress. So, let’s talk about some practical stress management stuff. 

Progress, not perfect
Yeah, this is a tough one for us. We want to be RIGHT. In reality, CTA is a journey, and this is the first official ‘step’. We learn from it, (we WANT to pass, of course!), but truthfully, we’re more likely to not do so great, and use the experience to figure out how the future should look different. The purpose is to work towards progress. You WON’T know all your Test 1 topics… but can you USE the stuff you know to get marks?

Not sure who I am or what I do?

As a CA(SA), I’ve lectured Auditing for students at undergrad and CTA level for over 17 years. I know what your exams require of you, I know what you’re struggling with, and I can help!

I’ve worked with thousands of CTA students, and I look forward to helping you!

Also, here are a few of my videos that can give you a sense of who I am and what I do:

What is the PURPOSE of you doing questions?

We only ever see our own mess, and we see the success other people have… sometimes they’re not that far away!

I chatted to Prof Elmar Venter (Head of Accounting at University of Pretoria) about how we think about problems as accounting students

Advice for my ITC Jan 2024 students as they got closer to the exam

How do I support my CTA students?

I have various Skills, Strategy and Mindset courses for students working on their CTA / PGDA qualification. 

This one combines all these components, and includes the most important one… INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK ON QUESTIONS YOU DO!

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