Your New Study Strategy – Study Coaching Step 2

How should you change your Study Sessions? How should you be studying? How do you use your time effectively?
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Does this sound like you?

  • I've gone through the Study Coaching Basics, what do I practically DO with it?
  • I know I need to change my study habits, but how?
  • I study the way I know. I'd change if I knew a better way, but what is that?
  • I have study plans, but never stick to them
  • I can never seem to finish the syllabus or stick to my study plans
  • I KNOW I should do more questions, but I just never get to them
  • I struggle to know what questions want from me
  • I'm studying more hours, and getting lower marks

As you move to higher levels, your exams expect DIFFERENT skills from you, this means you have to STUDY differently!

Instructor: Yvonne Starkey CA(SA)
  • Start date: Any time, any date
  • Time commitment: 3 hours
  • Format: Videos
  • Cost: $30

How can I help you?

I’ve lectured students on the CA-route for over a decade, and I can promise you that YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH!

Our study habits have developed from school, and earlier levels of studies. We don’t realise it, but they’ve developed based on our personalities, and what the exams required from us. 

In earlier levels, memory learning was important, we could pass exams if we could retain and repeat information. Naturally, we worked at this skill. Now, your exams expect application, higher levels of understanding and communication, but we’re still studying towards memory exams! Doesn’t quite make sense, right?

Questions this course will answer:

  • What should your goal be when you're studying?
  • What should you focus on when you study?
  • How do you prepare for an exam designed to be unseen, uncertain, and totally new, with limited knowledge?
  • Are you actually studying TOWARDS the exam?
  • What's the purpose of doing questions?
  • How do you manage anxiety?

Why start with this course?

Most students start by asking me how they can improve their focus, time management and the speed at which they go through their syllabus and topics. They want the ‘fixes’ for their study challenges.

These challenges, however, are ‘symptoms’ of an underlying issue. These videos focus on discussing these underlying issues, where they come from, and very importantly, how it impacts our studying.

Once you understand WHY you study the way you do, why you feel this way, we can talk about how to change and improve this. 

Without understanding this, you will make awesome study plans, and keep doing exactly the same stuff, because you don’t know WHY you’re making the unconscious choices EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Student comments:


As you work through this, or before you work through this, there’s a Study Coaching Basics course. You can find it here

You don’t HAVE to go through this, but you will find me continuously referring to concepts I’ve covered in there. I think it is important to go through, because all of this is based on personality, emotional and other underlying issues, which will definitely impact how you apply this! So, not compulsory, but you’ll definitely get value from it.

You can set up an online, one-on-one session with me to discuss how to apply these concepts to YOUR situation 

You can set up an online, one-on-one session with me to discuss how to apply these concepts to YOUR situation 

You need to do a few questions, as uncomfortable as it is (and it will be!), before we talk. It really helps if you’ve worked through the stuff a little yourself, so that our chat can be more specific to what you’re struggling with

Talk to me!

Not every student is the same. The more I understand YOU, and what parts of the course you did and didn’t relate to, the more I can help advise you.

I will always refund students if they get no value from the course, but I will only do this after discussing WHY you found it useless.


A lot of the concepts will change how you SEE your studying, pretty instantaneously. This alone reduces the stress levels for most students. 

It will also provide you with advice to go change your studying immediately. It’s simple, but not easy!

It will take time to develop good study habits to match your study outcomes, but understanding your challenges helps very quickly. 

This course helps students at every level. From their first year of studies, to those writing Board exams. Understanding who we are, and why we make the decisions we do, will affect us at every level.

Click on the ‘take course’ button above or below, or follow this link 

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