ITC April 2021 – Exam Course

Yvonne and Tabaldi Education join forces to offer you a really unique ITC Exam Course

Does this sound like you?

  • I don't remember anything from PGDA / the previous ITC!
  • I don't know enough to do questions
  • I struggle to get to questions, I still avoid them
  • When I look at ITC questions, I have no idea where to start
  • After I've done the question and marked it, how do I FIX my stuff?
  • There's SO much info in the case study, how do I work through it?
  • I can never get the same structure as the solution
  • How do I fix my communication?
  • How do I learn to apply stuff better?

“It’s like learning how to do exercises PROPERLY first, then you know that everytime you do the exercise, you’re getting the most out of it”

This course is a joint creation, between Tabaldi Education, and Yvonne Starkey CA(SA)

Instructors: Yvonne Starkey CA(SA) & Tabaldi Lecturers
  • Start date: Any time, any date
  • Format: Online; Question-Based
  • Cost: R9 500

What does the April 2021 ITC Exam Course include?

  • What should your Study Strategy be?
  • Study Coaching Basics
  • Tasks to help you build skills:
  • Task 1 - Planning your Case Study and Required
  • Task 2 - Basic Marks Conversion (Marking Tool))
  • Task 3 - Combine Case Study planning and Basic Marks
  • Task 4 - Gathering Marks
  • Task 5 - Basic Discussion Question Structure
  • Task 6 - Structuring your solution
  • Task 7 - Direct; Indirect; Implied (Marking Tool)
  • Task 8 - Application of knowledge
  • Submit the question for each task, and get feedback from us
  • DIY Questions to re-inforce each Task's skill
  • Advice on how to 'fix' Application, Communication and Knowledge issues
  • The full PGDA / CTA syllabus for each subject (Video lectures)
  • Two sim exams, with feedback from us
  • Motivation, Support and Study Advice
  • Discussion Forum

What will this course help you with?

Your success at ITC will depend on your ability to USE any knowledge you have to solve the problem that the examiners have set for you.

  • If you know 30% of your 'stuff', can you get 30% of the marks?
  • How many times have you looked at a question and thought "I don't know where to start?"
  • Can you formulate your discussion question sentences properly?
  • You mark a question, you know you need to work on something. But WHAT? And HOW?
  • You revise a section, look at a question, and still have no idea what to DO?
  • You generally get to questions 2 or 3 weeks before the exam?
  • Lecturers keep saying "work on communication", but HOW?
  • How do you know whether you know 'enough' to pass?

How does the April 2021 ITC Exam Course work?

After going through the Study Coaching Basics and Study Strategy, you should have a different mindset and understanding of what you’re working towards.

  • Every Task is designed to help you with a specific skill (See the tasks above). We will explain why it’s important, and give you steps and a methodology for how to work on this skill. 
  • We’ll give you a question to practice this, you’ll submit it to us and we’ll give you feedback and guidance on how to work on this skill. After this you’ll do a DIY question to ‘fix’ whatever we discussed. 
    (If you have theory / knowledge issues, you can access the PGDA syllabus to go through the videos / content on that area)
  • Then, you’ll move to the next task.
  • There are 8 Tasks. At the end of this, you’ll do Two sim exams, combining all these skills, which we’ll give you feedback on. This will further guide your studying and skills focus

Student comments:


YES! We’re helping you develop SKILLS that will help your studying and questions. It makes sense to work on the skills as early as possible, so that as you study, you’re applying your skills well. 

It’s like learning HOW to do the exercises the RIGHT way, before you spend hours doing pushups!

Speak to Helen at Tabaldi Education:

She will answer any queries you have regarding this course

Yes. If you follow our advice.

We will push you to DO questions and DO the work. Without this, you can’t improve. 

It will be uncomfortable, you will feel horrible about ‘not doing better in questions’, but you will see improvements quickly if you do what we say.


You can see all the payment details here

You can pay via EFT or Credit Card, and there are instalment options as well.

Yeah, we understand. It is a challenge. 

This course includes a LOT of content, as well as customised lecturer feedback:

  • The FULL PGDA syllabus.
  • 8 questions that you’ll do, and submit to us for feedback.
  • 2 Sim Exams with feedback
  • A discussion forum
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