Discussion Questions

How to structure and communicate your solutions for Discussion Questions

Does this sound like you?

  • It takes me forever to get my thoughts across in exams
  • My answer never looks like the solution
  • I can never get the same structure as the solution
  • I think I've done ok, then fail the question
  • There are so many discussion questions, I never get them right
  • They don't give me marks for my points
  • How do I fix my communication?
  • How do I learn to apply stuff better?

Students struggle with theory, but they also really struggle to communicate the way the exam expects

Instructors: Yvonne Starkey CA(SA)
  • Start date: Any time, any date
  • Format: Online Videos
  • Time Commitment: 3,5 Hours
  • Cost: $40

What will this course help you with?

  • Videos explaining the challenges of discussion questions
  • Steps to improve your solution structures and approach
  • How to improve your communication skills
  • How to mark your work to identify what to improve on
  • How to fix your application and communication yourself
  • Examples applying the steps we discuss
  • Worksheets to print to guide your study approach

Whether you know 30% of your stuff, or 80% of your stuff, you need to know how to get marks for it.

This means you need to communicate it properly.

Student comments:


Yes. If you follow my advice.

It will be uncomfortable, you will feel horrible about ‘not doing better in questions’, but you will see improvements quickly if you do what I say.

I’m always happy to refund students if my content doesn’t help them. 
However, I will always have a discussion with you first to identify what’s going wrong. In some cases, we need to adjust the approach a little. 

This will not work for you if you do not DO the stuff yourself. It all makes perfect sense when I do it, but you have to practice yourself!

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